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Zarraffa’s scoops six medals at the Australian and New Zealand Golden Bean Awards


EAGLEBY, Australia – After taking home three bronze medals from last year’s Australian and New Zealand Golden Bean Awards, Zarraffa’s Coffee returned to the world’s largest coffee roasters’ competition and conference earlier this week and doubled the haul.

Australian-owned and operated specialty coffee company, Zarraffa’s Coffee, entered seven gourmet blends of their Arabica coffee beans into four different categories, and received a total of six bronze medals.

This year, the Golden Bean was held from 20-23 November in Port Macquarie, NSW, where coffee companies from all over Australia and New Zealand entered their most delicious beans and vied for top honours across eleven categories.

CEO of Zarraffa’s Coffee, Marnie Sheldon, said Zarraffa’s has been acknowledged over the years for its flavoursome roasts, with the judges agreeing with customers about the quality of the company’s coffee beans.

“We are thrilled with the results,” said Ms. Sheldon. “From winning three bronze medals in 2018 to receiving six bronze medals at this year’s competition is something we are extremely proud of.”

Zarraffa’s took out three Bronze awards in Category #09 Chain Store/Coffee Franchise (Milk based) section in a first for their Java Gold coffee beans, a rich chocolate and nutty flavor.

The full flavoured Midnight Café coffee beans were also winners, with a sharp bite and perfect for a short black, and also their African Masai coffee beans, a wild and fruity flavour with a light dark-chocolate aftertaste.

The delicious African Masai beans also earned a bronze medal in Category #10 Chain Store/Coffee Franchise (Filter) section and Category #08 Chain Store/Coffee Franchise (Espresso) section, while the tasty Decaf Water Process blend received a Bronze medal in Category #06 Decaffeinated (Milk based) section for its smooth chocolate flavour.

“Serving millions of coffees each year ensures our roasting process is exceptional in order to deliver the quality of coffee that has built our reputation over the past two decades.”

“Our experienced roasters will continue working to provide customers with delicious blends, which will be sure to make their mark again at next year’s competition,” said Ms. Sheldon.

Zarraffa’s Roastery operates gas fired air roasters that uses a stream of hot air to roast the coffee beans, causing them to flow or to swirl, leaving clean, fresh and palatable coffee beans with a delicious taste.

“Our goal is to produce an individually perfect cup of coffee for every customer and making that cup of coffee from perfectly roasted coffee beans is an ongoing pursuit for our entire business.”

Zarraffa’s Coffee is open in over 90 locations across Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.

2019 Golden Bean Achievements

Category #10 Chain Store/Coffee Franchise (Filter) Section – Bronze

  • African Masai

Category #09 Chain Store/Coffee Franchise (Milk-Based) Section – Bronze

  • African Masai
  • Midnight Café
  • Java Gold

Category #08 Chain Store/Coffee Franchise (Espresso) Section – Bronze

  • African Masai

Category #06 Chain Store/Coffee Franchise Decaffeinated (Milk-Based) Section – Bronze

  • Decaf Water Process