Tuesday 30 May 2023

YOU single group multi-boiler machine and X-ONE grinder by Sanremo shined at Host 2021

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TREVISO, Italy – After the closure of Host 2021, Sanremo Coffee Machines begins to collect feedback on the products presented at the fair: the YOU new single group multi-boiler machine and the X-ONE coffee grinder.


Thanks to its top level performance and unmistakable Sanremo design YOU was undoubtedly one of the revelation machines of the show.

The features, including total control of the extraction phases (in both electronic and manual mode), are made possible by technology refined over years of experience and enhanced by the lines of a frame that blends sturdiness and aesthetics.

The expectations for this model were very high and have been largely exceeded by the response of the public at both the fair and online. This interest has continued to grow – even beyond the Host event – and shows no sign of stopping.

YOU Custom by Sanremo
YOU Custom by Sanremo

With this model, the company wanted to reinterpret the concept of customisation, which makes it even more unique. In fact, they created special magnetic panels, capable of changing the look of the machine with a simple gesture.

These inserts are available in a variety of colours and materials allowing for simple and striking customisation.

The same solution was also used to guarantee the Custom version of CUBE (the single group launched in the early months of the year), an incredible number of customisations.

CUBE by Sanremo
CUBE by Sanremo


The X-ONE grinder has also been the talk of the town thanks to its revolutionary performance, the result of innovative technologies already patented by Sanremo.

In fact, this coffee grinder proposes itself as a unique solution for every kind of coffee shop. Its two hoppers, and the manual bypass, provide every professional with the possibility of having at their disposal (at the same time) an incredible range of types of coffee.

In the grinder market, X-ONE stands out and meets the needs that no one else has been able to satisfy yet: offering cutting-edge features capable of concretely reflecting on the result in the cup.

X-ONE by Sanremo
X-ONE by Sanremo

The weighing and dosing before grinding, the always empty grinding chamber and the vertical grinders make a real difference in maintaining the quality of the coffee, guaranteeing a low grinding temperature.

The products presented by Sanremo Coffee Machines begin to outline a future that puts coffee and professionals at the centre of attention, offering technology that provides answers to the needs of an increasingly varied world.

To get the information content shared during the fair, and stay updated, the appointment is on the social channels Instagram @sanremocoffeemachines and Facebook @sanremosrl

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