Thursday 27 January 2022

World’s first coffee maker to brew K-Cups and Nespresso

Gourmia's revolutionary GCM5000 coffee machine is first to brew all K-Cup beverages and Nespresso capsules

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BROOKLYN, N.Y., U.S. – Gourmia, a designer and manufacturer of innovative countertop kitchen appliances, is introducing its new revolutionary GCM5000 K-Cup and Espresso Capsule Coffee Machine.

This is the first such unit that can brew any variety of K-Cups, from coffee and tea to hot chocolate – as well as Nespresso capsules.

And it includes a built-in milk frother for a tasty topping to cap your drink off.

Not a fan of froth?

The GCM5100 includes all the features of the GCM5000, sans the milk frother.

Gourmia K-Cup and Espresso Multi-Capsule Coffee Machine (GCM5000 and GCM5100)

The Gourmia GCM5000 (in the picture) and GCM5100 are innovative coffee centers, which makes it totally unnecessary to have a separate espresso machine.

Made especially for coffee, espresso, café latte, and cappuccino lovers, it is the only single-serve coffee machine that gives you the freedom to enjoy any of your favorite K-cup or Nespresso capsule brands using just one machine. It’s about time!

These units automatically adjust bar pressure and other elements according to the type of cup or capsule being used. Its adjustable base easily accepts any cup size from espresso through travel mugs.

An easy-to-read LED control display allows you to easily adjust the quantity and temperature of your coffee. Also included are a used-capsule collecting system, an espresso demitasse cup, 1.6-quart water tank, and more.

Milk Frother for Next Level Beverages

The GCM5000 gives a way to dress your drink up: an automatic warm and cold-milk frother.

It’s just like your favorite coffee-shop beverage, only you don’t have to leave home to enjoy it, making the GCM5000 the ultimate coffee machine.

This revolutionary coffee system was announced at the Housewares Show in March 2016, and is available for purchase now.

A Touch of Italy

It is a given that even though the U.S. has some type of retail coffee outlet on nearly every street corner, the real coffee capital of the world is Italy.

Without Italy leading the way, today’s coffee culture in America would center around boiling water and instant coffee granules.

It is Italy, after all, that gave America, macchiato, caffè latte, shakerato, espresso, and much more.

In other words, the Italians know more than a hill of beans about coffee. That’s why both of these Gourmia coffee makers have their internal components engineered and made in Italy.

Not only does it make sense, it also makes for great tasting coffee and espresso.

Source Gourmia

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