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World coffee exports up 6.3 percent on year in August, says the Ico

coffee exports

MILAN – World coffee exports amounted to 11.10 million bags in August 2018, compared with 10.44 million in August 2017, up 6.3% on year, reports the International Coffee Organization in its monthly statistics.

Exports of Arabicas rose by 6.7% to 6.947 million bags. Volumes of Brazilian Naturals and Other Milds were up by 14.7% and 6.5% respectively. Only Colombian Milds saw an 11.6% decline year-on-year. Robusta shipments showed a 5.7% increase compared to August 2017.

Brazil’s exports surged a whopping 30.4% to 3.404 million bags. Shipments from Vietnam reached 2.4 million bags, up 33.6% on year.

Colombian exports fell by 12.8% to 1.050 million bags. Shipments from Honduras recovered by 21.5%. Exports from Indonesia and India fell sharply, down 51.4% and 37.6% respectively. Peru exported 500,000 bags, down 2.8% on year.

In Africa, Ethiopia recorded a 1.6% increase over year, while Ugandan exports fell by 16.6%.

October – August exports

World coffee exports in the first 11 months of coffee year 2017/18 (Oct/17 to Aug/18) increased by 1.6% to 112.52 million bags compared to 110.77 million bags in the same period in the previous coffee year.

Arabicas rose slightly (+0.2%) to 70.52 million bags. Shipments of Other Milds were up by 3.9% to 26.262 million bags, while Brazilian Naturals and and Colombia Milds were down by 0.3% and 5.4% respectively. Robusta volumes grew 3.9% to 4.2 million bags.

Brazilians exports were still slightly down on year (-0.6%), while Vietnam’s shipments surged by 20.9% to 26.64 million bags.

Colombia shipped 11.618 million bags, down 6.1% on year. Honduran exports were slightly below 7 million bags, down 1.3% on year. Indonesia sold 5.213 million bags, down 35.9% on year. India exported 5.956 million bags, up 1.6% on year.

In the twelve months ending August 2018, exports of Arabica totalled 76.24 million bags compared to 76.39 million bags last year; whereas Robusta exports amounted to 45.02 million bags compared to 44.14 million bags.