Thursday 30 November 2023

WORLD OF COFFEE 2014 – Appointment in Melbourne with the machines of the champions

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MILAN – The booth set up by Dalla Corte during the WLA and WCIGS finals is the ideal place to meet, talk, “review”, and discover the best of technology applied to espresso machines and coffee grinders.

On the occasion of the Mice – Melbourne International Coffee Expo, scheduled from May 15 to 18, everyone is welcome to visit the Dalla Corte booth to meet the finalists of the World Latte Art and World Coffee in Good Spirits competitions who will use the dc pro, the world competitions sponsoring machine, available for the last few “tweaks” in view of the competitions.

Many of them have already made friends, thanks to the participation in the dc campus that took place last April in Milan: for them, the booth is a time to gather and exchange ideas before accessing the competition stations, where three dc pro machines are made available in the “total black” version. Meanwhile, milk jugs move fast for the creation of beautiful and unusual decorations (last year, Hisako Yoshikawa from Japan reproduced the decoration that led her to victory during her “training”).

Inside the booth, two stations are dedicated to the evo2, the new Dalla Corte machine that, a year after its launch, is showing positive results: the market has warmly welcomed its mix of continuity, as well as its stylistic innovation and technique. “Thanks to its high levels of quality, reliability and intuitive usability, it has quickly become a reference point for the market of the espresso machines” – says Paolo Dalla Corte, owner of Dalla Corte macchine espresso of Baranzate (MI) with his sister Elsa.

You now consider the world finalists your friends, thanks to the appointment at the dc campus! – we observe. “Of course. We have reached the third edition of this event, which anticipates the finals, giving the opportunity to champions from different nations to confront each other and last years’ winners. At the last event held in Milan, the 2013 Latte Art World Champion, Hisako Yoshikawa from Japan and the winner of the WCIGS, Victor Delpierre from France, followed the progress of all the participants with great attention, giving them advice and practical ideas. My heartfelt thanks goes to Sonja Björk Grant, one of the pioneers of the World Barista Championship, who annually honors us with her presence by explaining the competition rules in every detail. Next year we will organize this event in Sumatra, where Dalla Corte has contributed to the realization of a project aimed at protecting the orangutan and tropical flora by supporting sustainable coffee cultivation. The days dedicated to the practice of Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirits will be alternated to others literally “on the field”, to experience first hand the reality of coffee cultivation.”

What is your message to all baristas and professionals in the world of coffee? “To remain vigilant: in the market, which is constantly changing, but also in their professionalism. The world of espresso has precise parameters to determine quality, which, however, are easy to be dismissed without realizing it. Right now, I think it is important to go back to find out what makes a quality espresso and the machines that can make it, keeping that consistent over time. Everywhere, espresso cups are paid for: end customers have the right to beverages that follow standards that are high-quality and well-defined, but, above all, consistent. Some operators have deviated from the “true taste” of espresso: we welcome everyone to rediscover together the pleasure of perfect delivery, consistent and without waste.”

The 2014 edition ends the third cycle of the LA and CIGS World Championship sponsorship by Dalla Corte (while the first lasted only one year): do you think your company has contributed to their success? “First of all, I would like to send my best wishes to all participants, inviting them to “review” the last details of their competitions at our booth with the official sponsor machine, the dc pro. In the last seven years, latte art and the world of coffee blending have made great strides: the professionalism of the participants and their reputation in the world have increased. For our part, we are happy to have contributed to their growth and fame, as well as to education and training on every aspect of coffee manufacturing and processing, from bean to beverage. If you love high-quality coffee, one thing is certain: we will always be on your side in a very active way, to enable you to perform at your best and obtain the satisfaction that those who work properly deserve, wherever they operate”.

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