Monday 29 May 2023

Here is how WMF collaborates with its unique network of international partners

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GEISLINGEN/STEIGE, Germany – From innovative self-service stores to modern luxury hotels, customers the world over trust in the WMF quality promise “Designed to Perform” when enjoying their coffee. To ensure that these efficient machines and digital solutions from Geislingen an der Steige are available throughout the world and are serviced reliably, WMF Professional Coffee Machines collaborates with a unique network of international partners.

Two impressive projects in South Korea and Russia currently demonstrate how successful these collaborations are. The imposing five-star “Jeju Dream Tower” hotel on the popular vacation island of Jeju takes its guests to coffee heaven with, among other things, 31 WMF 5000 S+ fully automatic coffee machines, which it purchased from the “DOOREE Corporation”. At the outlets of the system catering chain “UPPETIT” from St. Petersburg, on the other hand, they rely on the WMF 1500 S machines, which are provided and serviced by renowned WMF partner “RusHOLTS”. In both cases, the trade and service partners make a decisive contribution to the positive reputation of the WMF brand around the world with their technical expertise and market knowledge.

The finest coffee specialities in a luxury atmosphere

A pleasant climate and extensive beaches make Jeju Island, located to the south of the Korean peninsula, a popular holiday destination for tourists from home and abroad. The “Jeju Dream Tower” of the Hyatt hotel chain is a very special attraction. As the largest hotel in Asia, the two towers of the hotel look out over the entire city. The interior of the hotel is just as impressive – guests can look forward to 1,600 luxurious rooms and suites, 14 restaurants and an adjoining casino. To ensure that their coffee meets these extremely high quality standards, the “Jeju Dream Tower” relies entirely on coffee machines and accessories from WMF Professional Coffee Machines.

31 WMF 5000 S+ machines with attached coolers make up the majority of the machines available. Their consistently high performance and outstanding reliability ensure that the hotel guests are supplied with the finest coffee specialities at all times, doing justice to the fine dining in the restaurants. What’s more, a WMF 1100 S and 14 heated cup racks are also in use. The “DOOREE Corporation” is responsible for consultation, installation and service. This way, the long-standing partner of WMF can guarantee that the “Jeju Dream Tower” and other South Korean customers benefit from machine quality from Geislingen an der Steige over the long term.

WMF Professional Coffee Machines: Top-quality, efficient self-service

The Russian start-up “UPPETIT”, on the other hand, placed significantly different demands on WMF partner RusHOLTS. Efficiency is the be-all and end-all at the young company’s twelve shops, which are dotted around St. Petersburg. With an innovative self-service concept offering baked goods and “ready-to-eat” meals, these trendy stores are clearly geared towards the urban lifestyle of young Russians. Of course, the quality and freshness of the products must be up to scratch. While the various dishes are freshly prepared and delivered to the shops on a daily basis, UPPETIT’s customers have been getting their coffee-to-go from high-performance WMF 1500 S fully automatic machines of late.

After replacing the ageing coffee machines from another manufacturer, the WMF fully automatic machines are now used at four of the franchise’s outlets. And the decision is paying off: Thanks to the high daily capacity of the WMF 1500 S, sales of coffee beverages have increased by 25 per cent. The decision to integrate into the telemetry platform “BMS Coffee Control”, which was implemented with the assistance of “RusHOLTS”, also made this possible. For example, the Cloud system enables the company to reduce service costs by carrying out detailed data analyses. As such, “RusHOLTS” supports Russian WMF customers such as UPPETIT with customised solutions and plays a decisive role in the fulfilment of WMF’s “Designed to Perform” global performance promise.

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