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WMF introduces the new 1500 F bean-to-cup coffee machine with an integrated 4-litre storage urn

With the help of a user-friendly timer, customers can adapt the required coffee quantity to suit their individual requirements. The re-brewing process then begins automatically when the previously set minimum quantity is reached in the 4-litre storage urn

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GEISLINGEN/STEIGE (Germany) – Freshly filtered coffee is an essential in the international coffee business. And the new WMF 1500 F bean-to-cup machine delights fans of the world’s most popular trend beverage with the promise of ultimate enjoyment: wherever you need to prepare filtered coffee quickly and reliably in large quantities, this fully automatic machine guarantees consistently high quality.

WMF 1500 F bean-to-cup machine

For example during peak periods in bakeries and petrol stations, at breakfast and visiting time in hospitals and nursing homes or during coffee breaks at meetings and conferences.

At the core of the WMF 1500 F is progressive pressure-brew technology. In contrast to conventional industry concepts, the WMF system works with freshly ground beans rather than with ground coffee, producing premium beverages.

And this fully automatic machine also sets benchmarks when it comes to speed: thanks to an integrated 4-litre storage urn, guests can enjoy their coffee after only seven seconds. The recommended output of the new bean-to-cup machine is 220 cups per day.

Another strong point of the WMF 1500 F is its user-friendliness, for example convenient, efficient disposal of the dry grounds and an automatic cleaning system for daily maintenance of the coffee machine.

Speed that impresses

The WMF 1500 F is the new specialist for freshly filtered coffee in the solutions portfolio of WMF Professional Coffee Machines. Equipped with a powerful brewer, this bean-to-cup machine quickly prepares brewing batches of 0.5 to 1 litre in premium quality. Optional automatic re-brewing makes for high efficiency during peak periods.


With the help of a user-friendly timer, customers can adapt the required coffee quantity to suit their individual requirements. The re-brewing process then begins automatically when the previously set minimum quantity is reached in the 4-litre storage urn.

This automatic function makes the WMF 1500 F the ideal machine for self-service mode and service concepts.

With the option of two bean hoppers (1,100 grammes and 700 grammes), it is possible to select a separate fresh brew directly into the cup via the second type of bean. Additional dispensing of hot water (up to 30 litres per hour) rounds off the range of functions of this fully automatic machine.

Maximum quality thanks to pressure-brew technology

For consistently high coffee quality, the WMF 1500 F works with freshly ground beans and brews them in portions to prepare filtered coffee based on pressure-brew technology: when the coffee grinder has completed its grinding process, the portioned ground coffee falls into the brewing chamber.

During the brewing processes, water at a precisely controlled temperature flows onto the ground coffee via a distributor sieve, ensuring uniform extraction. Finally, the WMF 1500 F routes the freshly brewed coffee into the storage urn or directly into the cup.

Process reliability and easy handling

Even when business is at its most hectic, the automatic cleaning system ensures there are no compromises when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

An integrated timer can be set individually to define the cleaning cycles for all coffee-carrying parts of the WMF 1500 F. State-of-the-art components guarantee automatic feeding, dosing and monitoring of the cleaning granulate.

For added convenience during everyday operation, the coffee machine offers an intuitive 10-inch colour touch display and practical dry grounds disposal via the internal grounds box or optionally through the counter and into a larger collection container.

With its lean design (32.5 x 88.1 x 59 centimetres W x H x D), the WMF 1500 F fits into any niche. Moreover, like all WMF fully automatic machines, the WMF 1500 F is a real design eye-catcher and looks perfect in combination with other WMF machines and add-on equipment.

About WMF

WMF, which is short for Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik, is a leading premium supplier of household products, professional coffee machines and hotel equipment. WMF stands for innovation based on tradition and impresses with development and design “Made in Germany“.

Under the brand names WMF, Silit and Kaiser, the company offers products for preparation, cooking, food, beverages and baking for home use, while business customers, in particular from the restaurant and hotel industry, can choose from product lines for the preparation of coffee, the perfectly laid table and buffets under the brand names WMF, Schaerer, Curtis and Hepp.

WMF products are available in more than 120 countries, and the company has over 6000 employees.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also in the rest of Europe and worldwide, for example in China, WMF operates a total of around 350 own stores. The company was founded in Geislingen an der Steige in 1853 and became part of the French SEB Group at the end of 2016. For more information click here.


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