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With Fiera Milano Platform, HostMilano goes phygital using an innovative eco-system

Fiera Milano Platform

MILAN, Italy – Immersive, simple, personalised and multi-channel: the event remains a physical experience but is now expanding online, and looking ahead to 2021 with the new Fiera Milano Platform eco-system.

HostMilano’s strongpoints are going phygital: that combination of the physical and the digital that enables firms to benefit from the advantages offered by both spheres, something that was important before but has now become indispensable in the New Normal.

So technology, innovation and all the latest news from the markets and on new opportunities will become the daily bread of communications on social channels and on the HostMilano website, which, for 365 days a year, will offer professionals and companies food for thought, encouraging the creation of synergies between the various divisions to help them cope in these unusual times.

And all of this is possible thanks to the Fiera Milano Platform, a new project devoted to the entire community involved in the various sectors.

A whole eco-system of services that will see (among many other things) a stepping-up of the event’s website and social media content, and the production of redesigned catalogues for the presentation of products to exhibitors.

But also a detailed digital map of the event that can be used remotely and help set up direct negotiations in real time.

The webinar activity will also continue. A taste of what Fiera Milano has managed to put in place thanks to its strong international character and the presence of numerous alliances in all five continents was seen in the first two, which were organised in July from Miami and from Dubai.

These focused on trends and opportunities in the Gulf States and on the development of luxury market, and there are more to follow.

The experience of the actual fair – from 22 to 26 October 2021 at FieraMilano Rho – will also become phygital, through the creation of new formats that will be both digital and simultaneously happen in the presence of visitors, facilitating interaction between buyers and companies.

A number of important structural changes have been made to the trade fair, including the installation of an infrastructure made up of 80 high-definition ledwalls, which can be adapted to a wide variety of infotainment material.

And with regard to safety, a heatmap will make possible geo-localisation inside the fair, to monitor the flow and movement of visitors through the halls, while a new neighbourhood app will give access to a series of services such as wayfinding, fast tracks and the booking of parking spaces.

It has never been easier to visit a Fiera Milano event. And ahead of the “physical” event the website will be the new place to meet and share ideas and thoughts with exhibitors and visitors. On and offline.