Friday 27 January 2023

Win an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Rwanda with Kivu noir Coffee

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NEWARK, N.J., U.S. — Kivu noir is offering two customers and their guests a five-day, all-expenses-paid trip to Kigali and Lake Kivu to experience first-hand how the world’s freshest coffee is created. As a company that goes beyond Fair Trade and produces the world’s freshest coffee, Kivu noir is proud to share the beauty of their country, the passion of their people and the quality of their coffee.

Rwanda is a country famed for the quality of its coffee, and Kivu noir is looking for true coffee ambassadors who want to understand and appreciate what goes into creating a premium specialty coffee.

The Prize

  • Return flights for two to Kigali in Rwanda.
  • Three nights in luxury accommodation in Kigali.
  • Visit the roastery, enjoy a sightseeing tour and spend a day at leisure.
  • Two nights at Lake Kivu, where they will be taken on a boat trip across Lake Kivu to the washing station at Nkora.
  • Kivu noir will provide the winners with free coffee for one year.

How It Works

Customers who buy Kivu noir coffee online through the website receive an entry into the competition. There is no limit to the number of entries per person as each bag that is purchased, counts.

Journalists or food writers who engage with Kivu noir, share posts or write about the company will be entered into a draw. Two writers will then be selected to accompany the competition’s winners on their Rwandan experience.

The World’s Freshest Coffee

Kivu noir is of the famed Red Bourbon Arabica variety and is grown at high altitude, on the hills around Nkora, along the western shores of Lake Kivu. Rwanda is known for its fine coffees – a product of rich soils, high altitudes, plentiful equatorial sunshine and rainfall – and for how the coffee is carefully processed.

This location, where the air is still pure, unpolluted and free of chemicals provides ideal growing conditions for the Red Bourbon Arabica coffee bean. Kivu noir’s secret to its freshness lies in the fact that it goes from harvest to cup typically within one month.

A five-step supply chain with no third-party involvement ensures that this premium-grade coffee, with fruity tasting notes and an Scaa score of over 86%, arrives at its destination before any degradation in flavor can take place.

Beyond Fair Trade

Kivu noir proudly employs Fair Practices, supporting and empowering the local women and their communities who survived the 1994 Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi. Their coffee is made with respect to people and the planet, and they have rigorous social, environmental and economic standards in place to promote safe, healthy working conditions, protect the environment and empower communities to build thriving businesses.

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