Thursday 05 October 2023

Whole Foods Markets carrying Vesta Coffee single serve coffee bags produced by NuZee

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RICHARDSON, Texas, USA – NuZee, Inc., a leading coffee co-packing and technology company, announces today that its coffee brew bag format manufactured for Vesta Coffee Roasters is now available at Whole Foods Markets (“Whole Foods”) in approximately 36 Southern California Stores, and hundreds of stores, nation-wide.

Vesta Coffee trusts NuZee, Inc with the processing and packaging of both of their Single-Serve Pouch coffees. NuZee helps them maintain the quality and consistency of their ‘Goose Bumps’ and ‘Goddess’ blends.

All Vesta coffees are fresh-roasted, specialty-grade, and sustainably sourced. Vesta roasts beautiful, traceable, honest, specialty coffees highlighting exceptional farmers and producers, while working with trusted exporters at origin, importers, and sometimes, the farmers directly.

Masa Higashida, CEO of NuZee, commented, “Our commitment to expansion is yielding exciting results with the addition of Whole Foods Markets to our extensive list of major retailers carrying our co-packed products.

Vesta is a respected, growing, respected coffee brand that aligns perfectly with our thoughtful approach to sustainable growth across all coffee formats.”

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