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Welcome to coffectivity: The rise of connectivity drives Quality Espresso’s Smartia platform

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BARCELONA, Spain – Welcome to coffectivity: we are seeing that connectivity has become a reality in the daily lives of businesses and companies. It is also quickly finding its way into the coffee business with the aim of remotely controlling the performance of machines. Smartia is the Quality Espresso platform that gives you precise control of coffee machines thanks to its intuitive control panel that lets you control all of the indicators from a PC or tablet. The IoT for the coffee business!

The goal is to improve business profitability by taking advantage of the benefits of technology to control all the parameters of coffee machines through simple internet access.

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Quality Espresso, a leading company in the professional espresso machine market, has been active for some time now in the Internet of Things (IOT) with its Smartia platform.

It has now decided to boost the implementation of this platform as a result of the growing demand for, and the rise of connectivity in the professional coffee machine market. To do so it has launched this new video to show the benefits of the Smartia platform in the daily lives of hospitality venues.


Watch the video and learn about coffectivity below

Thanks to a high level of market implementation, the Smartia platform has built up extensive experience that has allowed it to improve its features based on the real needs of hospitality and dining venues. Smartia currently handles data from thousands of connected machines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is an intelligent connectivity platform that uses an integrated system in the Gaggia, Futurmat and Visacrem coffee machines to send regular information about the status and functioning of each machine and analyse the data in a precise, easy and intuitive way.

Smartia makes it possible to improve profitability by understanding the coffee consumption of every machine, as well as customer behaviour and habits. The platform can also be used to facilitate and optimise planning for preventive maintenance and restocking with an eye to reducing costs. You get all this and full control of your coffee machines, from geolocation to remote control of the operations, functionality and profitability of every one of them.

The Smartia platform can be standard installed on Gaggia, Futurmat, and Visacrem coffee machines, or can be installed later with a special kit supplied by the company. Due to the growing trend of connectivity, along with the enormous advantages it offers, Quality Espresso is planning to triple the number of Smartia installations in its coffee machines this year.

It is a global platform that can be used in most geographical areas and is increasingly present in more and more countries.

Bringing together connectivity, technology, and innovation is what enables Quality Espresso to provide services that offer high added value and help improve the profitability of coffee businesses.
Quality Espresso is a leading company in the market of professional espresso machines with its brands Gaggia, Futurmat and Visacrem. Quality Espresso is a company with over 65 years of history that encompasses tradition and innovation, and it is present in more than 90 countries.

Smartia, welcome to coffectivity

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