Friday 02 December 2022

WBC in Melbourne: Matteo Pavoni gets into the semifinals

Tomorrow the names of the winners who will get the access to the final of the World Barista Championship and the World Brewers Cup will be announced

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MELBOURNE, Australia – We are finally halfway through the World Barista Championship and World Brewers Cup competitions. There are only two days left for the competitions. Today the names of the contestants who will advance to the World Barista Championship semi-finals in Melbourne were revealed.

World Barista Championship: Matteo Pavoni gets to compete in the semifinals in Melbourne

Almost 50 participants competed on the competition stage between Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 but only 16 of them were selected. Today Ahmed Abdulaziz (Saudi Arabia), Carlos de la Torre (Mexico), Changho Shin (South Korea), Nguyen Hoang Minh Luan (Vietnam), Morgan Eckroth (United States), Alexander Monsen (Norway), Nikos Antzaras    (Greece), Jenny Borrego (Mexico), Boram Um (Brazil), Takayuki Ishitani (Japan), Tom Balerin (Switzerland), Pedro Ricardo (Chile), Søren Stiller Markussen (Denmark), Sarah J Hannaway (Ireland), Natalia Kwiatkowska ( Poland), Yessylia Violin Angkasa (Indonesia), Kévin David (France), Benjamin Roque (Panama), Keith Koay (Malaisia), Aylin Aslan (Germany), Bew (Thailand), David Solano (Guatemala), Esther Atieno Ochieng (Kenya ).

The representative of Italy Matteo Pavoni qualified for the semifinals thanks to his performance in the first round on 27 September (we talked about it here).

The exhausted Italian champion wrote to us directly from Melbourne, just before going to sleep and preparing for tomorrow’s contest: “Needless to say I’m excited: being able to compete to the semifinals is an immense pride and I can’t wait to go back to platform tomorrow. ”

• Claire Wallace, United Kingdom
• Rui Pedrosa, Portugal
• Matteo Pavoni, Italy
• Nikos Antzaras, Greece
• Benjamin Put, Canada
• Takayuki Ishitani, Japan
• Boram Um, Brazil
• Abdullah Almasan, Saudi Arabia
• Junior Vargas Otero, Austria
• Michaela Ruazol-Recera, United Arab Emirates
• Morgan Eckroth, United States
• Jasper de Waal, The Netherlands
• Keith Koay, Malaysia
• Anthony Douglas, Australia
• Kévin David, France
• Patrik Rolf, Sweden

World Brewers Cup: Giacomo Vannelli

Today the Melbourne stage also saw the start of the World Brewers Cup. We saw the competitions live: just like the previous year, the level of participants was highly competente. Melbourne witnessed the hard work of competitors such as Keith Blackburn (Ireland), Jhon Christhopher (Indonesia), Ching Kwok (Hong Kong), Aga Rojewska (Poland), Youngjoo Jo (South Korea), Ale Lugo (Mexico), Wilford Lamastus Jr (Panama), Charity Cheung (France), Serafim Zoukas (Greece) and Elvsia Tan (Singapore).

Representing Italy in the brewing category is Giacomo Vannelli, bartender, coffee roaster, who had already competed at the Boston world bartenders in 2019. For his competition, Giacomo Vannelli decided to prepare a blend of two coffees both from Colombia.
The Diego Bermudez blend was grown at 1970 meters above sea level. It was created thanks to six hours of anaerobic fermentation, six hours of aerobic fermentation and an experimental thermal shock process, which uses cold and hot water, ensuring that the unique flavors and aromas of the beans are best absorbed.

This particular blend of coffee has a floral and sweet note. Giacomo Vannelli’s distillate is made up of 80% of this blend.

The remaining 20% is part of a blend that comes from Colombia but with aromatic notes of red fruits that are completely different from the previous one.

Tomorrow the names of the winners who will get the access to the final of the World Barista Championship and the World Brewers Cup will be announced.

To see the complete competition schedule click here.

To follow the competitions in streaming just click here.

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