Sunday 14 July 2024
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Wayne’s Coffee looking to delight London’s organic coffee lovers

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LONDON, UK – Eco-friendly Swedish coffee shop set to open first Central London location in December and introduce Brits to the famous Swedish Fika, as well as its organic, sustainable food & drink range.

Wayne’s Coffee, the multi-national organic coffee chain, has announced that it is adding to its branches in Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia with a new coffee shop in the centre of London, due to open in December.

This means that Londoners will be formally introduced to the unique coffee break that is Fika – a Swedish pastime dedicated to letting go of all worries and enjoying a fun-filled meetup with friends, in a warm, homely atmosphere, while grazing on coffee and cake.

Here is what Wayne’s Coffee Master UK Franchisor Adnan Karim had to say about the festive opening of the Central London location, and why it is the perfect place for a new branch:

“It’s pretty simple. If we had it our way, people would choose an organic Fika every day. We are promoting smart choices. London, like numerous cities, truly embraces responsibly-sourced, organic produce, which not only delivers great taste, but also benefits the environment. These are our values, which is why we are so excited about introducing Wayne’s Coffee to the English capital.

Our coffee, which is sourced from sustainable farms in Central America, is verified three times over, by the Rainforest Alliance, the Euro Leaf, and the Swedish KRAV label, all of which enforce strict requirements regarding farming. Also watch out for our eco-friendly, biodegradable Christmas cups!

Our customers are our guests. The priority is to make their visit enjoyable and, as always, we strive to do things better than the day before.”

In addition to a stress-free environment, organic coffee and made-on-the-day baked goods, Londoners can also expect cold-pressed juices and nutritious superfood drinks, all of which are produced in an environmentally friendly way.

The company is particularly proud of its innovative vegan-friendly Supercino[T] Lattes, including energy-boosting Green Matcha & Beetroot, Coconut, and quirky Graviola. This eclectic range is sure to suit the varying tastes of London’s food & drink enthusiasts.

Wayne’s Coffee is the first Swedish coffee shop chain to be awarded the KRAV label for organic farming and sustainable agriculture, and its arrival in the UK can only be a good thing.

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