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VOLPAK: the benchmark partner in the pouching market at Interpack

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DÜSSELDORF, Germany – Following the success of Interpack, which saw a strong interest in VOLPAK’s horizontal pouching machines, the Spanish company, part of Coesia, is preparing for the challenges of the future with renewed optimism, with the aim of remaining the “Pouching Partner” of global reknown.

Of utmost importance to this goal is its commitment to technology with significant resources devoted to it in order to ensure ever-evolving solutions while, at the same time, increasing attention to the ever-changing market needs and the trends that will bring differentiation in the future.

The Düsseldorf event reconfirmed the interest of the world of consumer goods towards the pouch solutions: a type of packaging that is increasingly appreciated, due to its flexibility and ease of use, which allow it to be used across a variety of sectors; from food to pharmaceutical, and both for liquid and solid products.

VOLPAK, the pioneer pouching company, in the field since 1979, boasts know-how, a unique tradition, and machines that are able to create a multitude of types of pouch, covering 360degree different customer needs.

Three of the solutions on display in Düsseldorf attracted particular interest. The SI 440, the latest horizontal  form-fill-seal pouch machine, launched at Interpack, It is a machine designed under the principles of industry 4.0, which has many competitive advantages, high performance combined with versatility and high flexibility.

The SI 440 perfectly adapts to a variety of needs: from projects requiring high production of small and medium sizes (from 0.25 litres with and output of up to 200/spm), to batches requiring large format processing (up to 2 litres, for liquid or solid products).


The ENFLEX machines also garnered much attention, the VOLPAK brand dedicated to entry level solutions, specifically:  the STD-14 Stand Up machine, the ideal solution for packaging food, cosmetic and chemical products.

The pouching machine STD-14 is the most compact solution for a customer that wants reliability, low maintenance and easy operation.

The F-14 T Duplex, for towelette packaging – a segment where ENFLEX has an established leadership – featuring the simultaneous production of two sachets with a wide variety of  towelette material (paper, non.woven, etc.), also offers the possibility of alternating the towelettes and a second product. Enflex a simply smart brand.

The challenges of the future: investing in technology and listening to the market

These were not the only machines to attract attention at the Coesia booth space dedicated to VOLPAK. Particular interest was sparked in the area dedicated to the Standcap Pouch: a  packaging type that is taking more and more of a foothold in North America and has many benefits, both for customer communication strategies and for the final consumer.

The Standcap Pouch ensures optimum delivery of the product by pressure “squeezing”, perfect preservation of the product and ultimately disposal of the packaging, which is particularly suitable for the packaging of food products such as ketchup and sauces, which are widely used in countries such as the United States.

Not surprisingly, North America is the main market VOLPAK aims to expand in, followed by Southeast Asia and India. To do this, the company continues to invest heavily in technology: a new continuous high-speed motion solution is in the process of being developed, which will see light in the next few years and become a new market reference point.

The development of the current range continues, leading to the development of ever-evolving machines offering, as standard, features such as remote assistance, while saving both energy and packaging material.

To maintain its technological edge, the company has allocated around 12% of its turnover to R&D alone; almost triple that of other major companies in the industry.

Apart from the development of state-of-the-art technology solutions, the Spanish company also aims to listen to and analyze the market, in order to understand, together with its customers, who the consumers of the future will be and and what kind of needs they will have.

VOLPAK: Facts and figures

VOLPAK, a Company of Coesia Group, is a company built on robust technological foundations, specialized in horizontal form-fill-seal solutions for the pouch-type packaging industry.

Founded in 1979, Volpak was acquired by the Coesia group in 1996, subsequently benefiting from its expertise and solidity of what is now one of the biggest and most important packaging groups in the world.

In 2001, VOLPAK acquired ENFLEX, a company specialized in the design and sale of robust medium-speed horizontal pouching machines, further expanding its portfolio of solutions. Today, VOLPAK and its ENFLEX brand offer the market a wide range of automatic pouching machines operating at low, medium or high speed, able to form and fill pouches of various types and sizes.

The company can count on the expertise of a staff of 300, based mainly in the Barcelona headquarters, a plant of 12,000 square metres where products are designed, manufactured and marketed.

The company also has a second production site in Pune, India, and a sales network covering the globe, present in over 34 countries.


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