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Virtual Ka‘u Coffee Festival in Hawaii set for April 1-30 with a slate of events

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HAWAI‘I ISLAND, USA — Tune in April 1-30 for the Virtual Ka‘u Coffee Festival at Due to the uncertainties of COVID restrictions and to protect Ka‘u’s farming kupuna, the 13th annual festival will present its second virtual slate of events. Grab a cup of your favorite Ka‘u coffee, relax and enjoy a wealth of activities presented conveniently for leisure viewing.

Learn about the rich history of Ka‘u coffee and what makes it so special, meet the hard-working Ka‘u coffee growers through informative farmer profiles and enjoy music and hula by Ka‘u practitioners—some are also coffee growers! Also perking is the interactive Ka‘u Coffee College webinar featuring educational forums aimed at the pressing needs of this heritage coffee-producing community.

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Festival goers may also access additional content posted for the 2020 Festival, including a how-to Ka‘u coffee brewing demonstration complete with details on how roasting and grinding impacts flavor. Experience a day in the life of a Ka‘u coffee farmer with an amazingly authentic tour of local farms. Also on tap are additional farmer profiles, music and hula, and last year’s Ka‘u Coffee College.

“We’re very proud of the virtual content we’ve created featuring our most popular events,” said long-time festival organizer Chris Manfredi. “During our 2020 virtual festival, we engaged with audiences worldwide that we never thought possible. We hope the connections we’ve made in the virtual realm will continue in 2022 and will encourage new and repeat visitors to Ka‘u. We invite the many fans of our award-winning crop to join us. All of our virtual events are free and sponsors are welcome.”


Stay tuned to the festival as events appear online at and follow Ka‘u Coffee Festival on Facebook and @kaucoffeefest on Twitter and Instagram. Support is provided by Hawai‘i Tourism through the Community Enrichment Program.

About the Ka‘u Coffee Festival: Founded in coffee traditions dating to the 1800s—Ka‘u coffee burst onto the specialty coffee scene by winning numerous coffee quality awards. These accolades highlight the unique combination of people and place that makes Ka‘u coffee a favorite across the globe.

Held annually, the mission of the Ka‘u Coffee Festival is to raise awareness of Ka‘u as a world-class, coffee-growing origin.


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