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VIETNAM – Lam Dong gets geographical indication protection for Arabica coffee

The National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam has granted an appellation of origin for Arabica coffee produced in Lac Duong District , Lam Dong Province.

Products to be labeled “ Arabica Coffee Lang Biang ” must be grown in Lac Duong, Le Xuan Tham , director of the province’s Science and Technology Department , said.

Production and processing must follow a certain process to ensure the coffee has the quality and characteristics of Arabica.

Lam Dong Province has over 17,000 hectares under Arabia.

Other places in the province like Da Lat and Lam Ha , Don Duong , and Duc Trong Districts can also register for the “Arabica Coffee Lang Biang” name if they have similar farming conditions as in Lac Duong.