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Victoria Arduino launches E1 Prima Pro, the 1-group professional machine

The new 2.1" touchscreen display has been designed to offer all the information on extraction, ease of reading and faster control and selection of settings. You can change extraction modes, create a whole range of recipes and set the energy saving functions

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BELFORTE DEL CHIENTI, Italy – Victoria Arduino, one of the world’s leading brands of professional coffee machines and grinders, is expanding the E1 Prima range with E1 Prima Pro. The new single group of Victoria Arduino joins the models launched in 2020 and 2023 with a strongly professional edge.

E1 Prima Pro was born a pioneer, always oriented to bring innovation to every environment for which it was designed, empowering creatives and experimenters. That’s why Victoria Arduino has condensed the most advanced technologies into one of its most eclectic designs.

Victoria Arduino launches the E1 Prima Pro

E1 Prima Pro is the single group professional espresso machine for coffee specialists, roasters, chefs and mixologists who want to reach unexplored summits of quality, discover new boundaries of taste to savour the thrill of going where no one has gone before.

e1 prima pro
E1 Prima Pro (image provided)

The E1 Prima Pro is the most powerful single group Victoria Arduino has ever made. All standards are challenged and exceeded. This affects performance, control, flexibility of extraction, lightness and compactness.

Performance and control in a compact space

The new 2.1″ touchscreen display has been designed to offer all the information on extraction, ease of reading and faster control and selection of settings. You can change extraction modes, create a whole range of recipes and set the energy saving functions.

The E1 Prima PRO incorporates Victoria Arduino’s innovative T3 Genius technology, which guarantees total temperature control for maximum cup precision.


The Brew Temperature Reproducibility of E1 Prima PRO, in fact, has achieved outstanding results by positioning itself perfectly within the ranges established by World Coffee Events.

T3 Genius technology ensures even faster heating of the assembly compared to machines in the same category, increasing precision and responsiveness, requiring less heat to be powered, speeding up heating times and saving energy. Insulated boilers increase thermal efficiency by avoiding waste and heat loss.

T3 Genius technology also doubles steam pressure (2.1 bar) and halves the amount of water for a sweet and consistent milk cream.

The double electronic Advanced Steam by Wire steam control allows the barista to partialize the steam for jugs with different capacities.

E1 Prima Pro increases the productivity of the E1 Prima range and offers an excellent result in the cup, simply and rapidly.

Extraction flexibility

With the E1 Prima Pro, the time has come to discover Pure Brew Technology and PBTech. Pure Brew Technology is an incredibly innovative method of coffee extraction. PBTech is the espresso extraction revolution that enhances the texture and flavour of each coffee.

Pure Brew Technology opens up a whole new world of unexplored recipes to the barista: brewing coffee in Pure Brew allows you to create the perfect recipe for your high-quality filter coffee, cup after cup. Pure Brew is also the perfect ingredient to use in cocktails and mocktails that express the expertise of bartenders and baristas.

The brilliance of Pure Brew Technology is that it allows you to discover unexpected aromatic intensities for high quality coffee, tea and infusions by opening unexplored doors of mixing whose only limit is your imagination/creativity.

For the most powerful single group it has ever made, Victoria Arduino has chosen the eclectic shapes of E1 Prima and two strong and decisive colours such as Bold Black and Racing Red to offer coffee specialists, roastmasters, chefs and mixologists to discover new boundaries of taste with a unique design object that is able to offer an experience involving all five senses. E1 Prima Pro stands alongside the pioneers of taste.

Visit the company at Host (Hall 24 booth B23-D24) to discover the E1 Prima Pro.

About Victoria Arduino

Victoria Arduino is an Italian brand of professional espresso coffee machines founded in 1905 and which has continuously developed quality products.

From coffee machine design to communication, the brand has gathered all types of needs and transformed them into technology, materials and experiences, also thanks to great partnerships such as those with the Futurist artist Leonetto Cappiello, the architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni and the architect Giulio Cappellini.

It has created spectacular installations such as the 24-group wall coffee machine in the Artemio Franchi stadium in Florence and it has introduced new technology that has transformed and made accessible coffee and milk-based drink preparation whilst also respecting the raw materials used, the environment and the economic sustainability of restaurants.

But, above all, Victoria Arduino, with its eagle symbol, has gone beyond geopolitical boundaries and has interacted with and listened to the international public. Owned by Simonelli Group SpA, the brand has been an official sponsor of the World Barista Championship since 2015.


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