Friday 08 December 2023

Victoria Arduino at Milano Coffee Festival with some great coffees

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MILAN – After a week dedicated to Baristas who will compete at WBC in Amsterdam, Victoria Arduino is ready for another important event – The Milano Coffee Festival, an engaging full immersion – from the bean to the cup.

It will be a great event dedicated to coffee lovers, roasters, coffee machine producers and sector operators from 19 to 21 May at  BASE in ‘via Tortona’.

And they’ll be offering some extraordinary coffees, prepared with two extraction methods: espresso and brewing.

Dario Ciarlantini and Rubens Gardelli, an AST trainer and the 2018 World Roasting Champion, will be together on the Victoria Arduino stand in via Tortona 54 (room C stand 36) to offer a real coffee experience over three days.

And the coffees will be prepared with the gravimetric technology of  VA388 Black Eagle and the Mythos 2 grinder. A technology that guarantees maximum extraction control and reduces waste.

These are the Gardelli Specialty Coffee you can taste:

Kahondo: this is a amazing organic certified coffee from the Kahonfo station in the isale region of north Kivu in Congo. Cup profile: strawberry, rosehip, kiwi, lime, tamarind, cedar.

Cascara: this is from the Mzungu project and it is obtained by the milling (hulling) of dried coffee cherry as oppose to pulping from the fresh cherried. Cup profile: cherry pulp, raisin, plum, mango, raspberry, honey

El Zafiro: this is located 10km from Popayan between the Colombian central and western mountain ranges. Cup profile: jasmine, bergamot, lime, peach, guava, honeydew

El Vampiro: the pure, organic coffee is the only one in Antioquia that is 100% certified organic. Cup profile: blackberry, fig, papaya, prune, clementine

El Paraiso: this is a beautiful farm 12km east of Gigante, Huila, perched exactly at the rim of a mountain with most of the fields facing west across the beautiful Magdalena river valley (colombia). Caturra trees grow at an elevation of approx. 1840m above sea level guaranteering a great sweetness in the cup.Cup profile. Cup profile: redcurrant, gooseberry, green apple, pear, caramel

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