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Veg of Lund’s plant-based drink Dug enters coffee shops in Oxford, England

Veg of Lund

MALMÖ, Sweden – Oxford in England is renowned for its university, beautiful architecture and Harry Potter backdrop. But to make tourists and students feel at ease, a well-functioning environment with good coffee shops and tea stores is needed. Now, several of the most visited coffee shops have decided to supplement their range with DUG, the plant-based drink from Veg of Lund.

“At last, we can see that England is opening up for more social contact. Since a couple of days, DUG®, our potato-based drink, is available at several coffee shops in Oxford. Cafes that throughout history have meant a lot to students as the place where they eat breakfast and lunch as where they meet their friends.

Finally, they can meet and choose an alternative to animal milk that is super-sustainable from a climate perspective”, says Thomas Olander, CEO of Veg of Lund.

DUG is currently sold via various e-commerce platforms, including Amazon UK, and Veg of Lund will in the coming months supplement with physical sales channels in several major cities in England.

“The launch of DUG on Amazon UK and through the collaborations we have, including with WW Weight Watchers and the wholesaler NBC (National Buying Consortium), has gone well. Now we are taking the next step out to coffee shops in Oxford, renowned for its university and the consequent ability to influence trends and new ideas”, says Graham Stonadge, UK Sales Director.

DUG is available in three flavours: Original, Barista and Unsweetened. More information about the climate footprint and which retailers offer DUG can be found on our website, www.dugdrinks.com.

About Veg of Lund

Veg of Lund develops unique plant-based foods meeting consumers’ demands for taste and sustainability. The company has roots in research at Lund University and owns patented methods for developing new food categories in the fast-growing market for plant-based foods. Veg of Lund’s climate-smart and tasty products are sold in Europe and Asia under the DUG® and MyFoodie® brands.

The company’s shares were listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market under ticker VOLAB. Read more at ir.vegoflund.se.