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UTZ Coffee program grows in reach and market uptake, new report shows

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AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Over 2016 the UTZ Coffee program continued to grow in reach and market uptake. New and growing commitments to source certified coffee by partners in Europe and the US resulted in a 35% increase in first buyer sales. Seventeen out of 20 top buyers also enlarged their volumes.

Increased reach

The UTZ certified coffee program now reaches over half a million farmers and workers in 25 countries worldwide. In 2016 we certified 12% more farmers, 15% more workers, and increased land coverage by 3%.

Thirty-seven percent of all UTZ certified coffee was sold as such in 2016.

Overall, 2016 saw an almost 50% increase in Arabica sales, but a 14% decrease in Robusta sales. Columbian and other mild Arabicas saw a particularly large increase, and accounted for 46% of all volume sold.

Country spread

Eighty per cent of UTZ certified coffee comes from five countries: Brazil, Vietnam, Honduras, Peru and Columbia. Peru and Brazil showed the largest market growth at 108% and 21% respectively, however demand for Vietnam and other Robusta coffee decreased. First producers joined the program in Laos and Zambia.

Supply chain

Number of supply chain actors increased by 87 to 669, while the number of approval requests for UTZ labeled products grew by 37.5% to 549.

First members joined us in Ecuador, El Salvador, Rwanda, Zambia, Greece and Latvia, and coffee products with the UTZ name or logo became available in 17 new countries, bringing the total to 89.


UTZ premiums stabilized in 2016 after a year-on-year decrease, although the nature of the premium depended on type of coffee sold. Average premium increased by 2% for Arabica and decreased by 11% for Robusta.

Report & webinar

Want to know more? Join thespecial Q&A webinar on 7 June at 11:00 (CET) and read the full report beforehand.

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