Friday 19 July 2024
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Using coffee beans saves business money and the environment

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HAWTHORN EAST, Australia – Jura is urging Australian businesses to embrace sustainability and reduce their environmental footprint by saying goodbye to pods – a fully automatic Jura coffee machine uses fresh coffee beans without all the unnecessary waste, which is better for the environment, your tastebuds and expenditure, says the company.

By purchasing coffee beans instead of pods, businesses can also save almost half of their annual ongoing coffee spend.

George Liakatos, Managing Director of Jura Australia says, “Coffee pods are causing a serious impact on the environment, with billions of coffee pods ending up in landfill every year. We’re proud to say all Jura machines use fresh coffee beans for the ultimate coffee enjoyment.”

Multi-award winning Sustainable Salon based in Sydney, Salon Zephyr, is one of many businesses around the nation taking the lead when it comes to sustainable business practice. Recently, the salon has seen first-hand the benefits of a JURA coffee machine to their business and the client experience.

Owner of Salon Zephyr and 2018 & 2019 Hair Expo NSW/ACT Hairdresser of the Year, Nathan Cherrington says, “It’s been awesome having a Jura Coffee machine in our salon. The technology is something we have never experienced before; the machine was able to create a profile for each individual client and remember their preferred beverage upon each visit. The coffee was perfect with each brew and made us truly feel like we were sipping a barista made drink every time.”

Not only are pods unsustainable, they are also expensive. On average, according to Jura’s ‘Best Coffee Machines For Office’ Calculators, an office with 15 team members (each consuming two coffees per day) will spend approximately $5,175 on coffee pod capsules per year. This compares with an estimated annual cost of coffee beans for a Jura coffee machine at $2.704.80*, making it a much more cost-effective business investment.

“With JURA, your cup of coffee tastes so much better than any pod could ever produce with the added bonus of reducing our environmental footprint. Businesses can make barista-quality coffee at the touch of a button for their clients and saving almost half the money they would spend on pods, with a clear conscience,” adds George.

Jura machines are equipped with the most innovative and reliable technology. In addition to the absence of coffee pods, Jura machines are installed with a range of sustainable benefits including:

  • Ecological – no unnecessary packaging waste and made from highest quality materials.
  • Durable – Jura machines are designed to give you many years of coffee pleasure provided they are maintained properly.
  • Energy saving modes – save power and money for the individual without forcing them to give up genuine coffee specialties in their own home. JURA machines offer an energy saving potential of up to 40% and still ready instantly at the touch of a button.
  • Efficient switch off – Jura Machines are equipped with an energy switch, which completely disconnects your machine from its power supply whilst the machine is on standby.

*All Calculations are general in nature. The cost of pod Coffee is based on market data. The cost of coffee beans is based on Jura standard pricing.

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