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Use of technology and greener coffee could boost spend by £50 million a week, shows research

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LONDON, UK — A third (33%) of the UK’s coffee drinkers say the coffee industry is lacking in innovation, according to research from farmer connect®, the global supply chain software provider that enables fair, sustainable and traceable agriculture. The study, released ahead of International Coffee Day on October 1st 2021, finds that the vast majority (84%) of coffee drinkers would like to see more innovation.

The developments they would like to see are: more sustainable packaging (51%), coffee with a lower carbon footprint (47%), new flavours (31%), blockchain to prove ethical supply chains (30%), coffee from new countries (26%), and the use of QR codes to provide more product information (23%).

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The research shows that coffee using technological innovations is in high demand

The majority (82%) of consumers are more likely to consider buying coffee that uses technology to prove that it is picked ethically and sustainably.

This comes as two thirds (66%) of coffee drinkers admit to being “shocked” to discover that many well-known coffee brands can’t trace their supply chain directly back to the coffee farmers, rising to over 85% among younger demographics (16-24). In addition, 81% of coffee drinkers would be more likely to buy a coffee brand that enabled the consumer to engage directly with the farmers that helped produce the brew.


Consumers are willing to pay extra for exciting new developments. In fact, the research reveals coffee drinkers would spend a combined £50 million extra a week¹ for coffee with sustainable and ethical supply chains.

Michael Chrisment, CEO of farmer connect®, commented: “Could our love affair with coffee be turning stale? Coffee drinkers are craving innovation and more sustainable practices from the industry, and they want to see proof of progress. They are willing to pay 10% more for coffee that can prove it has an ethical and sustainable supply chain, especially for the farmers. Marketers at big brands must adapt and look at technological solutions that can meet both needs. In fact, we’ve seen brands generate significant uplift in sales by innovating with technology that proves traceability. It’s simple: companies must now demonstrate that their coffee does good as well as tastes good.”

The farmer connect® software builds and expands on IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply, adapting it to the needs and business models of the supply chain and adding new features, such as ThankMyFarmer™, a consumer mobile site where brands can communicate about their sustainability initiatives and consumers can get involved in supporting farmer communities.

About the Survey

The survey was completed by 1,000 regular coffee drinkers in the UK between 22.09 and 26.09 with Censuswide.¹ The UK’s 40 million coffee drinkers (as determined by a nationally representative survey) spend an average of £12.72 a week on coffee. Respondents were willing to spend an extra 10% on coffee that can prove a sustainable and ethical supply chain.

About farmer connect®

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Switzerland, farmer connect® is a global industry-led company with the vision to humanize consumption through technology. Its cutting-edge software promotes fair, sustainable and traceable agriculture, enabling an inclusive and efficient supply chain from farmers to consumers. Built on emerging technologies, such as blockchain, self-sovereign identity, and artificial intelligence, the agritech ecosystem allows safe and private business data storage and sharing, as well as the exchange and tracking of information and payments. The initiative is supported by industry leaders who recognize digitalization, transparency and sustainability as powerful trends in the agriculture sector. At this stage, farmer connect® is focused on coffee and cocoa, with ambitions to cover other agricultural commodities in the near future.
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