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Usa joins Global Chapter Network of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance

International Women’s Coffee Alliance

MILAN – The International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) is excited to announce the addition of the United States to their global chapter network. US Women In Coffee is the 27th chapter to join the IWCA Global network. The US IWCA Chapter is committed to supporting women coffee professionals by “inspiring, empowering and connecting women through local and regional engagement”.

The IWCA US Chapter founding leadership includes President, Renee Espinoza, and Vice President, Launtia Taylor.

“I know I speak with the voice of all IWCA Chapters when I enthusiastically welcome the US Chapter. The Chapter’s founding passion for people and promoting equity is a great asset to the entire Global Network,” shares IWCA Executive Director, Kellem Emanuele.

The IWCA is a vibrant global network connecting independent organizations, known as IWCA Chapters, in 27 countries. Each IWCA Chapter sets and pursues its own priorities.

All IWCA Chapters are united by the shared mission to empower women across the global coffee industry. For more information about US Women in Coffee membership please visit: https://www.uswic.org/plans-pricing