Friday 20 May 2022

USA – GroGenesis achieves positive results for the eradication of fungal coffee disease in Central America

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SPRINGVILLE, TN – GroGenesis, Inc.,  is pleased to advise of field trial and marketing activities regarding the companies recently announced product development aimed at the treatment of persistent fungal diseases in economically valued crops.

In response to invitations to investigate the persistent Coffee Roya (aka: coffee “rust”) disease prevalent in the highly valued growing regions of Central America, the Company undertook the opportunity to fast track its development studies within a real world industrial farm environment in Guatemala.

The GroGenesis field team was led by Senior Scientific Consultant, Dr. Helen Keenan and based on discussions with Mr. Marcelo Bosch, a regional Senior Field Consultant for a major forest products operation, it was determined to visit several large plantations with manifestly characteristic outbreaks of Roya disease.

The primary field test was undertaken at a large farm located in the department of Santa Rosa, just southeast of Guatemala City and which forms an integral component of a major commercial coffee growing operation.

A single application of the GroGenesis product was manually sprayed across a predefined area, and the field team documented visible degradation of the fungal infestation within 24 hours post- application.

Randolfo Hernández, Plantation Administrator, subsequently volunteered the following report. “I did not believe the product would work at first.

After the product was applied to the coffee rust, I came back to the test area 4 days later and saw fewer spores on the plants. On the 10th day, I went out again; I saw no spores on the treated plants.

The scars were still there but the disease was controlled. I also saw a change in the color of the plants, from an orange color to green.” Sr. Hernández concludes, “If I had my own coffee plantation, I would be using this product to control the rust.”

Similar tests with exactly the same outcome as noted above were demonstrated at another large privately owned plantation. Initial skepticism was encountered due to previously unacceptable long term results from a variety of typical commercial fungicides containing toxic salts (e.g. copper and arsenic) which eventually poison the soil itself.

The fact that the GroGenesis product was shown to be highly effective, non-toxic and suitable for both organic and non-organic growers, increased the level of enthusiasm for the product dramatically.

Mr. Joseph Fewer, GroGenesis CEO, states, “Based upon favorable reports from the local growers, and with the help of our regional consultants, we were introduced to representatives of the Asociacion Nacional Del Cafe ( to provide product awareness as well as offer documented and substantiated early results from the recent field study.

As the results have been extremely positive, there are no impediments to further dialogue with regional officials. In fact, preliminary talks have begun with ANACAFE and the Ministry of Agriculture towards the possibility of a regulated and formal large area demonstration in future.

We feel very positive that should the Guatemalan (or neighboring) government(s) adopt a proactive approach which moves beyond coffee towards the investigation of product efficacy on other regional high value crops such as sugar cane, bananas, vegetables and rubber trees, then the probability for a positive sales outcome would be increased substantially and could offer a highly promising future for the Company, its stakeholders and shareholders alike.”

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