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US – PapaNicholas Coffee embraces Fair Trade and fair living wage

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CHICAGO, IL – The PapaNicholas Coffee Company is a Chicago-based coffee producer that has been operating for more than 28 years. The Leaders at PapaNicholas Coffee understand their social responsibility and take it very serious.

This role has a material influence on their trading practices. PapaNicholas Coffee partners with a network of green coffee suppliers, individual farms and estates that span as many as 15 different countries.

They place great value on their partner relationships and have been cultivating them for more than 28 years. Although these growers have diverse geographies and cultures, they share a common denominator – high quality standards.

Coffee industry statistics show that only 20 percent of harvested coffee beans are considered to be a premium bean of the highest quality. These beans are grown at higher altitudes and must be hand-picked. PapaNicholas

Coffee buys the highest quality coffee in the world and pays a premium for this quality. This premium is called a “differential” cost, and is well above the prevailing market rates for coffee. The Leaders at PapaNicholas

Coffee believe that the high-quality producers have the best Fair Trade practices.


They share the same social responsibilities and attitude toward Fair Trade. They use part of the differential to ensure that their people are treated well and paid a Fair Living Wage.

In addition, the quality producers are sensitive to their ecological environments and support organically grown products and employ practices that preserve their land which is their greatest resource.

On an annual basis, representatives from PapaNicholas Coffee visit their partner suppliers at different origins to confirm their commitment to “total quality” and Fair Trade practices.

This includes good working conditions; equitable compensation; superior growing and production processes; as well as protecting the environment.

PapaNicholas Coffee Company is committed to quality as it relates to all aspects of their business.

As an organization, they strive for a sustainable business with a social responsibility that applies to everyone within their supply chain. According to owner/operator Chris Papanicholas, “We have an unwavering commitment to quality and support a fair and prosperous global economy for all.”

Source: PapaNicholas Coffee


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