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US – Nuzee launches first family of functional coffee in K-Cup compatible portion packs

SAN DIEGO, CA – Nuzee, Inc. announces the launch of Coffee Blenders, a new and innovative family of functional K-Cup® Compatible Coffee Portion Packs. Coffee Blenders will tap into the growing single serve coffee trend combined with added health and wellness benefits. This will be the first family of single serve functional coffee beverages.

Single serve coffee is a growing trend among consumers today, with an estimated 50 Million consumers using a Single Serve Coffee Machine at either home or work.

Consumers are also looking for beverages to do more than be a delicious drink.

The functional drinks market continues to grow in spite of the recession and has already reached an estimated $23.4 billion in aggregate retail sales2.

“We are excited to launch the first-ever line of premium coffee with functional benefits in K-Cup compatible portion packs,” said Craig Hagopian, President and CEO of Nuzee. “Coffee Blenders bridges two powerful mega markets. One market is the coffee enthusiast that values convenience and quality through single serve coffee machines.

The second is the growing health & wellness market which is estimated at more than $50 billion. Combined, these two markets provide the opportunity for Coffee Blenders to be the leader in functional coffee beverages.”

Coffee Blenders’ family of functional coffees blends fresh roasted premium coffee with research proven, functional nutrients and seals this blend fresh in a K-Cup Compatible Portion Pack. Tapping in to the Health and

Wellness Market, Coffee Blenders will meet the consumer’s growing demands of providing beverages with additional nutritional benefits. The convenience of Coffee Blenders K-Cup Compatible Packs gives consumers the ability to enjoy this delicious cup of coffee at home, work or even at a college dorm.

Coffee Blenders is currently ramping up production and will begin shipping nationwide in Q4, 2013. The product will be sold online at CoffeeBlenders.com and leading online retailers to be announced.

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