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US – KonaRed Corporation adds some green to its product line-up with introduction of organic green tea

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KALAHEO, HI – KonaRed Corporation, the developers of the powerful antioxidant-rich wellness beverage made from the exclusive Hawaiian Coffee Fruit, announced today the January 2014 availability of the newest addition to its product line-up, KonaRed Green Tea. The announcement was made today by the company’s CEO, Shaun Roberts.

Made from the prized Hawaiian coffee fruit and enhanced with the wellness attributes of organic green tea, KonaRed Green Tea is available in 10.5oz plastic bottles and is a low-calorie (30 calories per serving), low sugar (6g per serving) wellness beverage.

Consumers will recognize KonaRed Green Tea on grocery shelves in January 2014 by its light green bottle emblazoned with the KonaRed logo.

The new product’s ingredients are purified water, Hawaiian coffee fruit liquid extract, organic green tea, and organic evaporated cane juice.

Regarding the announcement, Shaun Roberts stated, “Green tea is the number one selling beverage in Hawaii, so we are confident that the unique blend used to create KonaRed Green Tea will become a hit with consumers in 2014.”

About KonaRed Corporation


KonaRed Corporation is the business of bringing the health and wellness attributes of Hawaiian Coffee fruit to the masses.

The company has developed an innovative, state of the art, proprietary process that produces extracts and powdered Hawaiian Coffee Fruit. Its headquartered is in Kalaheo, Hawaii.


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