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US – Keurig Green Mountain receives notification from the SEC closing inquiry dating back to 2010 with no enforcement action

WATERBURY, Vt. – Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., (Keurig) announced on Friday that it has received notification from The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it is closing the previously disclosed four-year inquiry into accounting and disclosure matters at the Company and would not be recommending any enforcement action against the Company or any of its current or former employees.
“Since 2010, we have voluntarily cooperated with the government in an open and fulsome manner and we are very pleased to have this matter closed,” said Brian Kelley, Keurig’s President and CEO. “Throughout this time, every Keurig employee stayed focused on delivering innovative beverage solutions that consumers embrace as part of their daily routines. This led to exceptional quality, convenience and choice for consumers, with more than 275 beverage varieties and over 50 brands in the Keurig brand family.”