Monday 03 October 2022

US – Jummy Java Coffee Expands Product Line

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WOODBRIDGE, VA –Jummy Java, gourmet coffee company based in Virginia, announces expansion of their coffee line, providing more options for premium coffee, and shipments online.
“Our goal is to become a national player in the coffee industry with our coffee products, states Gurhan Demirkan, Founder and CEO of Jummy Java has successfully penetrated the current online coffee orders with their dependable and popular selections, pricing and availability of gourmet coffee. Coupled with their sister company Drop Ship Coffee Company, sales, popularity and shipments have increased.
Jummy Java, and Drop Ship Coffee Company provide consumers with a variety of options that include no minimum orders, no costly membership fees, and does not charge drop ship fees. Their mission is to deliver the best coffee to clients in specially packaged bags that ensure freshness, expanding their lines to fifteen types of premium coffee that covers the coffee spectrum; favorites also include a breakfast blend and decaf. Most of the coffee offered and sold at Jummy Java includes Organic and Fair Trade.
The most popular brands sold at Jummy Java to date include Breakfast the Best, Ethiopian Zest – Fair Trade Organic, Sumatra Breeze Fair Trade, Ethiopian Harrar Light, and Espresso It Is!. Combined in scope and services, Jummy Java and the sister company Drop Ship Coffee business offer domestic consumers numerous choices for premium coffee at affordable prices. Jummy Java gourmet coffee is a sold in 12-oz. bags.
The Drop Ship Coffee Company provides 100% Arabica gourmet quality coffee shipped the same day it’s roasted. No-cost membership with the Drop Ship Coffee Company associated with Jummy Java offers consumer savings over popular as well as generic brands, where there is no monthly fees, no dropship fees, and no minimum order requirements.

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