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US – Chicago’s Eataly to feature Lavazza Café

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CHICAGO, Illinois – Lavazza and Eataly, the Italian market created by Oscar Farinetti, both share a passion for quality, authenticity and a common mission to deliver the best Italian food vis-à-vis an extraordinary, worldwide consumer experience. 

It is obvious that the two brands share a strong Italian identity and cultural values and for this reason, following the tremendous success achieved by Eataly New York, Lavazza delivers its second namesake Café to the windy city with the new opening of Eataly Chicago.

La Cimbali

The Lavazza Café at Eataly Chicago offers a vast repertoire of espresso-based beverages and high-quality coffees.

The Café also produces a wide range of original and innovative recipes, all prepared by expertly trained staff who take pride in providing exceptional products and service in the typical traditional Italian fashion, with Italian passion in every cup!


Lavazza’s entire product line will also be available for purchase for at-home use including its espresso blends, the brand’s new premium drip coffee line and the Keurig® Cappuccino & Latte System – a capsule-based brewing machine.


“Our presence in Chicago is another chapter in a compelling story: two Italian companies committed towards a shared vision, under the conviction that a significant part of Italy’s future revolves around high-quality food production and the tangible and intangible values that it represents. We are proud of our partnership with Eataly, which is part of our strategy aimed at making North America, and the United States in particular, our second home,” says Marco Lavazza, the Group’s Vice President.

All aspects of Lavazza’s production — from the purchase of green coffee to accurately crafted coffee blends — is based on qualitative standards of internationally recognized excellence and employs sophisticated technologies to ensure the consistency of flavor and aroma in each blend.

Yet Lavazza is also the story of a family business founded in Turin in 1895, which, for four generations, has devoted itself solely to crafting a product that serves as a daily pleasure for everyone.

The high-end design of the Lavazza Café embodies the company’s passion for perfection and long lasting quality.  Upon entering the venue, a winding counter, approximately 60 feet long, greets guests.

Furnishings and décor reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability including photographs, taken by photographer Steven McCurry, as part of Lavazza’s ¡Tierra! project.

The communities involved in this project, including coffee plantations in Honduras, Peru, Columbia, India, Brazil and Tanzania, are featured in the venue and Lavazza’s ¡Tierra! coffee will also available for purchase in Eataly Chicago.

Eataly is naturally a place for meetings and discussion regarding Italian culture, but not just relating to food.  At the store, Lavazza will be promoting a series of seminars and workshops concerning the most fascinating aspects of the coffee world.

These will be hosted by Lavazza experts and aimed both at enthusiast consumers and restaurant and hospitality professionals.

Source: press release from Lavazza


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