Saturday 23 September 2023

Urnex introduces at Host Biocaf, a new brand of eco-friendly coffee equipment cleaners

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ELMSFORD, NY, U.S. – Today, Urnex Brands, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of Biocaf, a new brand of eco-friendly coffee equipment cleaning products within the Urnex family. Biocaf products are all natural, biodegradable, free of phosphates, and made from plants and minerals.

Biocaf will be presented for the first time at HOST Milano from October 18-22.

Each Biocaf product has been thoughtfully formulated to consider its environmental impact during manufacturing, use and disposal, and thoroughly tested for performance in busy cafés and commercial settings. All ingredients in Biocaf products are found in nature, are free of harmful chemicals, and are safe to put back into the environment. And they are highly effective cleaners on a wide range of equipment from traditional espresso machines, superautomatics, milk systems and grinders.

“We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Biocaf to our customers and the global coffee community,” said Rusty Snow, President. “It’s vital for us to help coffee professionals embrace actionable sustainability efforts by offering products that are good for both their equipment and the environment.”

The Biocaf portfolio will be available from November with the following products:

  • Coffee Equipment Cleaning Powder, which removes coffee residue from a variety of coffee equipment, including espresso machines, batch brewers, portafilter and filter screens;
  • Milk Frother Cleaning Liquid, an acid-based cleaner for steam wands, auto frothers, milk lines and milk pitchers;
  • Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets that absorb coffee oils and dislodge particles from grinder burrs;
  • Coffee Equipment Cleaning Tablets, which offer an easy-to-dose solution to cleaning espresso machines and batch brewers, will be available from mid-December.

For more information on Biocaf, the Biocaf portfolio of products, or how to purchase, email us at or visit

About Urnex

Urnex Brands, LLC. has manufactured specialty cleaning products for coffee and espresso equipment since 1936. Today, Urnex’s portfolio of liquids, powders, tablets, and capsules are sold and used in over 70 countries around the world. Urnex also offers full R&D capabilities for custom product development for commercial and household equipment manufacturers.

For more information about Urnex Brands, LLC. or our offerings, please feel free to contact us by telephone at +1.914.963.2042, or via email to

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