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Urban: Technology and innovation to guarantee the greatest of performances

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SUSEGANA (Italy) – The video provided by Wega to outline in depth the exclusive technological singularities of Urban is online: a modern and aggressive coffee machine resulting from Baristi and professionals from all over the world interacting to best satisfy every need, both in terms of functionality as well as ergonomics.

The design is recognisable at first glance and certainly highlights the distinctive element provided by the low and angled body that allows greater interaction with the customer and reflects the machine’s Urban spirit.

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Making it really unique, however, are its technical features, beginning with the setting of the Wega Power Boost function, particularly useful during intensely busy moments when the best possible performance is demanded of the machine, with the steam thrust at its strongest, improving its performances.

The Wega Power Regulation technology instead, allows the maximum to be obtained from the coffee extraction thanks to careful temperature monitoring with a deviation of a mere 0.1 / 0.2 degrees: a precise diagnosis in real time made possible by boosted thermo-regulators.


Another plus for Urban is provided by the Wega Power Steam, which makes it possible to have dryer steam in order to obtain improved consistency of the milk that gets easily dispensed thanks to a dedicated knob operating with a swift and practical rotation of just 90 degrees, and a cool touch stainless steel wand with double insulation that can be used without the risk of scalding, in this way speeding up the Barista’s work.

Urban is part of Wega’s Green Line, characterised by four focal elements: Low Energy Consumption, a technology that affords considerable energy saving thanks to being able to manually place one or more work units on stand-by, even defining on a weekly basis the days and times when the unit must be left inactive; the exclusive Self Learning Software able to detect and monitor the machine’s activity by automatically selecting the On, Stand-by and Off operating modes, according to the work loads “learned” daily; the Multi Boiler Technology that makes it possible for the power of the individual boilers of each independent unit to be managed separately and therefore being able to save the preferences and diverse combinations for each; the High Safety Boiler that guarantees absolute safety for both the steam boiler and the individual boilers of each unit.

The features of this machine, however, do not stop here. Its technology is complemented by numerous technical details specifically designed to provide the Barista with the best available support, among which the stainless steel extractable rack placed under each unit that allows the height to be reduced from 122 mm to 82 mm, the deep filter holders that can hold up to 21 gr of coffee and with calibrated filters, the “Easy-Touch” front panel in toughened glass and steel that covers both the 5” inner display and the keypad, thus reducing grime accumulation and key wear to a minimum; the electronic shot counter which gets displayed when the Barista hits the dispensing button and then the tea water, obtained by mixing hot and cold water.

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