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Unique and Unrivalled: a blend dedicated to Vincenzo Sandalj, only for Host 2015

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To honour Vincenzo Sandalj, the Sandalj Trading Company has decided to invite those who had the pleasure of knowing him, to the company’s stand at HOST Milano to pay tribute to his memory by sharing a cup of espresso especially blended for the occasion.

Unique and Unrivalled is the homage to Vinko (as he liked to be nicknamed) for the 39th edition of HOST on the year of Expo Milano 2015 World’s Fair.

The Sandalj team had their heart on creating an unforgettable blend to epitomize the quest for quality of the individual in the honour of whom it was shaped. This one-of-a-kind blend will be available for cupping solely during the five-day duration of HOST 2015.

Unique and Unrivalled awards a complete sensorial experience. First, a bouquet of floral notes and citrus fruits accompanied by an aroma of custard creme manifests itelf.

A distinguishable thick body appears, with an acidity pleasantly exalted by aromas of blood orange, mandarin and a timid scent of raisins.

Afterward, notes of cranberry and cocoa unite with vanilla and almond paste.

The aftertaste lingers, delighting with sweet perceptions of candied fruit, citrus honey and a delicate hint of ginger.

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