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Unic announces the retirement of Jean-Pierre Levi and the appointment of Mario Levi

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CARROS, France – Jean-Pierre Levi, Director General of UNIC and Head of Coffee Europe within Electrolux Professional will retire on October 1, 2020. Mario Levi, currently Global Category Manager Espresso, succeeded Jean-Pierre Levi as Head of Coffee Europe Electrolux Professional group on September 1, 2020.

Jean-Pierre LEVI started his career 40 years ago at UNIC in the footsteps of his father and his grandfather, founder of the brand in 1919.

He has largely contributed to increasing UNIC’s brand awareness and notoriety internationally, opening two subsidiaries in the USA and Japan.

Convinced of the need and potential offered by the technology of fully automatic coffee machines, he supported the development of the Tango range in 2000.

An ardent defender of Made in France, he moved the factory from its historic establishment in the heart of Nice to its current site in Carros, where he endeavors to defend the know-how in designing and manufacturing professional espresso coffee machines, recognized for their quality of manufacture and their reliability.

Mario Levi joined UNIC in 2012 to take over the management of the UNIC Paris agency; he then became involved in the international development of UNIC by managing the subsidiaries, and in particular the Asian market.


Since the acquisition of UNIC in April 2019, Mario Levi has ensured the integration and positioning of the new range of espresso machines within the Beverage Division of Electrolux Professional.

He will pilot the promotion and distribution of equipment dedicated to coffee for the European market, with the aim to secure our position in the global hospitality sector where Electrolux Professional builds its reputation and its growth thanks to our “OnE” platform.


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