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Umami Coffee Camp turns into English, German and Italian

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While Honduras is going to host the first Umami Coffee Camp designed for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Umami Area staff opened up the enrolment for the upcoming multilingual event in Colombia. In fact, from the 13th to the 27th of February 2016, a group of coffee professionals, mostly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is going to visit the Capucas coffee plantations in Honduras, Copán region.

What Umami Area is going to offer them, in collaboration with Starkmacher, and the support of the Coffee Academy of Düsseldorf, run by Graziano Chessa, is a unique educational fieldwork experience.

The schedule is going to be pretty similar to the previous Coffee Campuses organized by Umami Area: the morning will see the participants experiencing the farmers everyday life, harvesting the ripe coffee cherries, pulping them, working at the coffee nursery and selecting the defected green coffee beans; the afternoon, on the contrary, will see the participants fully immersed in face-to-face professional lectures and trainings of SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) Coffee Diploma System, held by authorized SCAE trainers.

At the same time, Umami Area association, based in Florence and chaired by dr. Andrej Godina, is collecting the registration forms for the upcoming fieldwork experience. In fact, from the 14th to the 26th of April 2016, the association is going to move to Colombia, a specialty coffee producer country.

This special edition, in partnership with the Colombian roaster Café Quindio, is going to be trilingual: Italian, German and English. Roasters, coffee traders and barista all over Europe are most welcomed to join the invitation, getting in touch with the association itself (secretary:

The projects Umami Area is offering to its participants are quite innovative: they consist of formation trainings on coffee and coffee related topics such as product awareness and coffee quality, experiencing the entire value chain development.

The fieldwork includes the coffee beans picking, pulping, fermentation, drying and selection of defected beans. During the face-to-face sessions, the authorized SCAE trainers offer the participants the intermediate or professional Coffee Diploma System modules: barista skills, brewing, green coffee, coffee roasting and sensory skills.

Umami Barista Camp- Honduras special ed. 2015 (2)

What is Umami Barista Camp?

In November 2014, the Poggio Arioso farm in Scandicci (Florence) hosted for the first time the one-week coffee formation “Umami Barista Camp”. Umami, according to the Japanese tradition is the fifth taste, namely savory.

The establishment of Umami Area has been taken as a challenge in order to spread a high-quality coffee culture, giving birth to the new Italian Coffee Renaissance.

Therefore, an entirely new training methodology comes to light, thanks to the vibrant and highly specialized coffee community, led by Andrej Godina and Francesco Sanapo.

Since 2015, in the beautiful framework of the Tuscany hills, Umami Area has been offering several events and opportunities according to the SCAE system.

This latter, modules-designed, gives the participants the unique chance to enhance their skills in the following fields: barista skills, brewing, green coffee, coffee roasting and sensory skills.

The campuses range from 3 to 6 days length, adaptable to the demands and needs of the participants.

The Umami Area laboratory is well provided with the necessary and latest equipment and rooms and regularly hosts the trainings.

Five authorized SCAE trainers hold the classes, with a maximum of 6 participants per class, in order to give participants, even singularly, the chance to go deeply through the different topics.

Upcoming Events:

Umami Barista Camp – Australia Special Edition
7-12 March 2016
Entries open from the 23rd of January to the 15th of February 2016

Umami Barista Camp – Colombia Special Edition (Italian, English and German)
14-26 April 2016
Entries open from the 23rd of January to the 29th of February 2016


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