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Umami Area in Vietnam: New Coffee Camps coming soon (Slideshow)

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After the first coffee formation camp held last year in the Central Highlands, great demand for the discovery of this country, its coffee and the formation excellence of Umami Area. In fact 2017 brings great news to Vietnam’s cafe world.

Two Coffee Camps will be organized, in collaboration with many Vietnamese small and large companies.

These latter are committed to increase the possibilities for personal fulfilment of all coffee operators, and of course for a qualitative improvement of coffee itself.

This year the Camps will also be supported by two important Italian companies that have been working here in Vietnam for years: Pacorini and Interkom.

Unlike last year, 2017 Coffee Camps will schedule three days of training and coffee tour in Ho Chi Minh City, vibrant South Vietnamese city, witnessing a real explosion of quality-related Food & Beverage realities.

To enrich the educational path, several companies working in the chocolate and tea sectors joined the Camp, offering sensory tasting of these two products, intimately linked to coffee.

The Vietnam case is ranked as an anomaly among the coffee producing countries. Despite a secular history in coffee cultivation, the country’s production has only exploded in the last twenty years, making it the world’s leading producer of Robusta.

Most producers, however, have devoted themselves to a low-quality coffee, at the expense of excellence.

Since 2016 Umami Area has launched a project aimed at increasing the quality of coffee, organizing the first edition of the Umami Coffee Camp in the Central Highlands of the country.

The area was not randomly selected. The Lang Biang plateau is home to brave coffee producers, committed in the Specialty Revolution.  

These are ethnic minorities and communities that, thanks to the production of Specialty Coffee, are gradually fighting poverty.

The ten days organized by Umami Area, from 8 to 18 November, followed the usual format: coffee plantation management training directly at the plantation alongside the classroom training at La Viet Coffee Shop, an innovative Da Lat specialty café.

Umami Area has also organized training for local coffee professionals, improving the working conditions of coffee producers. An improvement that, according to president of the Association Andrej Godina, “always goes through the transfer of knowledge and know-how“.

Umami Coffee Camp Vietnam Next Edition: from November 22nd to December 02nd and from December 2nd to 12th, 2017.

Who is Umami Area?

Umami Area is a cultural association that gathers experts and lovers of food & beverage sensory. Umami is a portal of taste and senses aiming at spreading cultural education on tasting.

Thus, it is an association that mainly carries out training on Specialty Coffees for all players in the world of coffee. It promotes various events including “I drink quality coffee”, “Umami Barista Camp”, “Umami Coffee Camp”. The Association’s mission is to dispel the culture of “fast food” in favour of a culture that values the senses, simple recipes and conviviality.

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