Wednesday 28 February 2024

UK’s first biodegradable Swiss Water Decaff coffee capsules launched

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A caffeine detox used to mean mugs of insipid instant decaff coffee made from the poorest quality beans. However, there’s good news for coffee lovers enduring a New Year caffeine detox with the launch of the UK’s first biodegradable and compostable Swiss Water Decaff capsules for Nespresso machines.

  • Cornstarch capsules are filled with organic & Fairtrade speciality Arabica coffee.
  • Unlike 80% of decaff coffees that use chemicals to extract caffeine from the bean, the Swiss Water® decaffeination process uses spring water and temperature to produce a 100% chemical-free decaff coffee that is 99.9% caffeine free.
  • Corn starch capsules can be thrown into standard rubbish bins or council food waste collection bins and will completely disintegrate within 6 months, or can be composted at home. This is in stark contrast to aluminium and plastic Nespresso capsules, which take up to 150 and 500 years to breakdown in landfill, respectively.
  • Vegetarian Society have certified the whole Delectable Capsule range, including the Decaff, as Vegan Approved ( & Vegetarian Approved.

For those taking the caffeine detox plunge, finding a palatable decaff is half the battle considering the beans of choice for most mainstream instant coffee manufacturers are the cheaper Robusta variety.

Featuring hundreds of defects caused by environmental conditions and insect damage, the plight of the committed health conscious coffee drinker doesn’t end there thanks to 80% of decaffeinated coffees reportedly containing traces of the solvents used to extract caffeine from the bean.

So, by the time that jar of instant decaff hits the shelf there’s no way of knowing just what one is drinking. Thanks to methods such as the Swiss Water process though, there is hope for anyone craving speciality coffee without a big kick.

For Nespresso machine owners in particular, West Country coffee house The Foodies Larder have come to the rescue by launching the UK’s first biodegradable Swiss Water coffee capsule.

Using an all-natural, 100% chemical-free decaffeination process, these capsules are filled with organic and Fairtrade decaffeinated coffee and produce a smooth coffee with roasted peanut and cookie dough notes.

Part of their wider biodegradable Delectable Coffee Capsule Range, these speciality decaff coffee capsules also offer any eco-conscious Nespresso coffee drinker a guilt-free alternative to aluminium and plastic capsules, according to The Foodies Larder co-founder, Lex Thornely.

“Throw our cornstarch capsules into standard rubbish bins, council food waste collection bins or just compost them at home and they will completely disintegrate within 6 months. This is in stark contrast to regular aluminium and plastic coffee capsules, which take anywhere between 150 and 500 years to breakdown in landfill.”

Considering 70% of the 200 million coffee capsules bought each year in the UK are reportedly thrown away and end up in landfill, every cup of capsule coffee enjoyed at home creates an incredible legacy.

In a parting shot, he added: “So our trio of biodegradable capsules are not only helping reduce landfill waste for generations to come, but our organic, Swiss Water Decaff capsules are also minimising the use of pesticides and man-made solvents. So for those wanting to go caffeine-free, our decaff offers the most convenient coffee capsule experience, but without the conscience.”

The full range, including their Peruvian and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe capsules, is available to buy at The Foodies Larder website ( via Amazon; currently £20 for 40 capsules.

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