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Tuyyo Foods launches instant coffee range

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NEW YORK, NY, USA – TUYYO Foods, a California based, and Latina-owned startup adds Cafecito, a medium-full bodied, 100% Organic Colombian instant coffee line to their existing range of powdered Aguas Frescas collection. The Instant Coffee’s consist of three flavors- Caramel, Café De Olla and Plain which are currently available for purchase via their website and will soon be launched on Amazon and, with a long-term focus on Ethnic, Regional and Specialty retailers.

TUYYO’s products remain true to their mission of creating Better-for-You options by using natural ingredients, free of artificial colorings, preservatives, and sugars, that reflect the flavors and traditions of the Latin American community. The inspiration for the name TUYYO came when founder Stefanie Garcia Turner, was thinking about the mission for the company. She wanted to build a brand that reflected the heritage and culture of Latinos through inspired versions of traditional foods and beverages. “Tuyo” in Spanish means “Your(s)” and “tu y yo” in Spanish means “you and me.” The brand represents “your” culture, and the products can be enjoyed alone, or with friends and family together.

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Stefanie Garcia Turner, a San Antonio, Texas native has had a long career in the natural products industry, helping launch hundred of brands through her roles at Whole Foods Market and her consultancy business, Cultivar Consulting LLC, and gaining valuable sales experience at The Honest Company and This Saves Lives. Ultimately combining her passion for healthy living with her cultural roots to create TUYYO Foods.

Adding a coffee line was a natural fit for the brand. She states “I absolutely love coffee. My love of it didn’t come from the coffee itself though, that came later. It came from the moments that arose from having that coffee with friends and family. ‘¿Quieres un cafecito?’ would always be one of the first questions asked when I visited family, or after finishing a meal with my grandmother.”


“It wasn’t truly a question of ‘Would you like some coffee?’ though, it was an invitation to stay and spend time with the other person,” said Turner. “This ritual of having coffee with others is something that is ingrained in my life. I launched the instant coffee line because I wanted a great tasting option that would offer an easy way for people to create these special moments, when one can slow down, sip some coffee, and reflect on their day or share some quality time with another person.”

TUYYO aims to create a more sustainable food system while developing delicious products that support a healthy lifestyle. One of TUYYO’s guiding principles is to give back to the Latino community in positive and meaningful ways by donating a portion of proceeds to different charitable organizations each year.

TUYYO Foods will be distributed regionally by KeHE Distributors in select locations in California and Texas starting in September. The suggested retail price for a single instant coffee canister is $14.99 or $39.99 for the variety 3-pack.


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