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Tuttofood is preparing for an ever richer 2017

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MILAN, Italy  – TUTTOFOOD is bidding farewell to professionals before the summer break with data and information that set the stage for a fantastic 2017 edition, at fieramilano in Rho from Monday 8 May to Thursday 11 May.

As of today, more than 60% of the exhibition space is reserved and more than 600 companies from Italy and abroad – not to mention the institutional and regional pavilions and the presence of many brands and other players – have confirmed (and well in advance) they will be present at the biennial show in Milan as their food & beverage appointment par excellence during odd years.

As for specific industries, TUTTOGREEN  is making a great debut with more than 70% of the space occupied.

This is the new area dedicated to macrobiotic products, herbal products, vegan products, organic farming, functional items and “free-from” products.

This success is thanks to a concept that embraces all-round wellness, ranging all the way to neutraceuticals, and with participating companies like Alce Nero, Sarchio and Viva.

Thanks as well to the important new partnerships with Federbio and Akesios, with which it organizes Spazio Nutrizione, the scientific event that has the support of top institutions – like Milan’s Università Statale – dedicated to bringing together the frontiers of the future of nutrition, presented by world-renowned professors along with professionals, researchers, doctors, pharmacists and dieticians.

TUTTOOIL is also performing well with  more than 70% of surface area reserved. This area places a special focus on olive oil, riding the wave of the unstoppable success of this key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet.

Distinctiveness and biodiversity are the advantages of Italian extra-virgin olive oil, truly setting the benchmark in the industry worldwide, with a wide, diversified offering from other countries as well. This is thanks as well to one of TUTTOFOOD’s longest running and most successful partnerships – with Unaprol.

The 70% mark has also been exceeded for the multi-product industries, which offer a wide range of gourmet products.

Such as ready-made foods, that bring together ingredients that are increasingly higher in quality with innovative packaging, and, in general, with the convenience and ease-of-use necessary for modern lifestyles. Or regional or ethnic foods – in an era in which the origin of ingredients, loyalty to local areas and traditions, reinterpreted with innovative tastes and looks – are ever more in demand from consumers.

Companies that represent these foods include Ficacci, Pedon, Saclà, Selezione Casillo and Urbani Tartufi.

TUTTOFROZEN – the first trade-show area in Italy created specifically for and dedicated to frozen foods – is also doing well with more than 60% of available space reserved.

Top industry players, such as Italpizza, Roncadin and Surgital, will present the infinite opportunities presented by this health, versatile and sustainable way of conserving foods, bringing together the freshness, natural qualities and convenience required for tomorrow’s consumers.

Another important area – comparatively speaking, considering its large size – is the 60% of space already reserved for TUTTOMEAT, the space that presents meat and cured meats: an industry that is going through a profound transformation, in line with new eating habits and nutritional needs, characterized by how the supply chain is managed, by grass-fed and organic products and by appreciation for local areas and specific characteristics.

And with names like Citterio and Fiorucci representing Italian companies and Vandrie Group, PGI Welsh Beef & Welsh Lamb and Giraudi Meats among the international names to be present, what these companies find in TUTTOFOOD is the ideal setting for their most innovative offerings.

With occupancy data in line with the previous edition during the same time period, what it confirms is that the boost we received from EXPO is solid and has made Milan the internationally recognized capital for bringing together international supply and demand in Italy.

This success is also thanks to an exhibition formula that can bring together under the same roof niche producers and local products of excellence alongside large industrial companies, to offer everyone the most business matching opportunities, with more than 2,100 highly select top buyers from all over the world.

The TUTTOFOOD concept is faithful to its philosophy, but it is also flexible and continues to evolve with 2017 on the horizon. Thanks to a strategic agreement with Veronafiere, for the very first time, wine will be the undisputed start of the show at TUTTOFOOD.

The Wine Discovery event curated directly by Vinitaly International Academy will feature the best producers from Italy and abroad, experts from the wine world and sommeliers, with promotional and professional training initiatives targeted toward professionals at the show in Milan.

It promises to be one of the most visited areas by international buyers buyer who, for some time now, have been asking about more synergy between food and wine at the show.

Another result of the agreement with Veronafiere is the launch of Fruit&Veg Innovation, an event in Milan that will take place at the same time as TUTTOFOOD, integrating fresh-food offerings and especially focusing on the finished product.

It will offer synergy with the editions held in Verona during even years, where the biggest focus will be on systems and technologies involved in all phases of the supply chain, before and after the harvest., @TuttoFoodMilano

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