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TriestEspresso Expo takes place from today to Saturday in the Old Port of Trieste

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TRIESTE, Italy – The ninth edition of Triestespresso Expo opens from today to Saturday, October 27th, in warehouses 27, 28 and 30 and in the Hydrodynamic Power Station of the Old Port.

This is a leading international B2B event dedicated to the espresso coffee industry. Organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Venezia Giulia and the Municipality of Trieste and realized by Aries Società Consortile a r.l. in collaboration with the Trieste Coffee Association and the Italian Federation of Public Businesses (FIPE) and thanks to the sponsorship of Crédit Agricole FriulAdria, this significant event confirms the role of Trieste as the Capital of Coffee.

An event that symbolically takes place in environments that evoke the long history and expertise of the city in the coffee industry, since when coffee really began to spread in “Old Europe” and landed right here in the docks of the Old Port.

What made a highly specialized pole like Trieste successful, however, was not only the long tradition and expertise acquired over all these years, but also an authentic passion and the continuous desire to innovate and get involved in this field.

A port of call for the world of coffee

«Trieste has been and continues to be a port of call for the world of coffee”, said Antonio Paoletti, president of the Chamber of Commerce. “And the most varied specializations have developed around the port: from roasting to decaffeination, scientific research, insurance and banking services as well as of course the spread of culture in the historic cafés of the city centre. For this reason, the trademark “Trieste Capital of Coffee” has been registered, strongly supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Venezia Giulia, together with the Municipality of Trieste and the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in order to identify the importance and history of Trieste and coffee at a national and international level. Lastly – added Paoletti – I would like to stress the induced activities that Triestespresso Expo has produced for operators. In this period our hotels are nearly all full. In a medium/low season period like the current one after the Barcolana, thanks to the fair the average price of the rooms has increased and therefore the impact for hospitality operators is twofold: rooms with higher values considering the season and full hotels».

A strategic sector for Trieste

«Coffee is a strategic sector for Trieste, with 1,100 people directly employed, plus those working in related industries» explained Alenka Obad, member of the Presidency of the Trieste Coffee Association, a partner of Triestespresso together with the Italian Federation of Public Businesses (FIPE). «Founded 127 years ago, our association, with about thirty members, is the oldest in Europe and the only one left in Italy».

Focus on training and innovation

The director of Aries Scarl, Patrizia Andolfatto, describes the program of Triestespresso Expo.

«There are two key words in the 2018 edition: ‘Training’ and ‘innovation’. Key words that we will find on all three days of the fair: from the courses organized by the University of coffee – illycaffè to the many appointments of Triestespresso Campus, from personalized consultations dedicated to food safety to courses for becoming tasters, from insights on corporate social responsibility to the presentation of four innovative startups, ready to make their way in the coffee sector».

Opening day and Triestespresso Expo 2018 side events

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