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TriestEspresso Expo is back on 27-29 October in Trieste’s Porto Vecchio

From bean to cup, the entire production chain of espresso coffee is on show at TriestEspresso Expo, the must-attend B2B exhibition designed on international coffee industry professionals. The usual location in Port Vecchio -newly restored- is ready to host the 10th edition.

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TRIESTE, Italy – The biennial fair dedicated to sector professionals will take place from October 27th to the 29th and remains the most important international event dedicated to the entire coffee production chain. TriestEspresso Expo, organized by Aries scarl-Chamber of Commerce Venezia Giulia, in collaboration with the Associazione Caffé Trieste, will take place in the Porto Vecchio (old port) of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia’s capital, within the new and modern Trieste Convention and Exhibition Center, set among the evocative warehouses of the old port of Trieste, the city’s ancient harbor port.

The tenth edition of TriestEspresso Expo

The tenth edition will mark the occasion for the sector to start afresh after the two year hiatus caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are already working on a programme of high level collateral events, dedicated to the most current topics and with the participation of international level experts.

TriestEspresso Expo is an event exclusively dedicated to a public of international professionals, featuring an exhibition area of around 200 exhibitors showcasing some of the key brands in the sector.

Trieste Coffee Capital is not only a registered trademark, but also a tangible productive and social reality, perfectly mirrored in an international fair like Triesteespresso Expo. Therefore, why Trieste?

Because of logistics

  • Trieste is a small city, everything is within a short distance from the seat of the fair, no need for long transfers.
  • Trieste offers a wide choice of hotels, suitable for all budgets.
  • You can reach Trieste in many ways, by plane, train, and car and once in the city, you can move around easily on foot or short cab rides.
  • In Trieste shops and restaurants, bars and cafés all within reach and offer a broad range of meal options.
  • In Trieste, after a long day of work you can wind down by walking along the sea, right in the center of the city and enjoy the view.

Because of know how

  • Trieste has been importing, processing, brewing and drinking coffee since 300 years.
  • Trieste hosts top level courses dedicated to the economic and scientific aspects of coffee and several sector companies offer training programmes (brewing, tasting…).
  • Trieste is aware of the economic impact the entire espresso coffee chain can have on the development and growth of a wide range of businesses (importers/distributors, roasters, sellers, cafés/bars and restaurants).

Because of specialisation

  • Trieste mirrors the spirit of the fair, contained, but highly focused on brand recognition and credibility of results.
  •  Trieste brings the entire espresso coffee chain under one roof, for 3 days of full immersion in a top rate business environment of specialized worldwide companies.
  •  Trieste is hosting the 10th edition of this biennial fair, tangible proof of the ongoing and growing interest towards the event.
  •  Trieste has always understood that B2B events mean business. Top rate exhibitors and professional visitors focused on the best possible deal.

Because of tradition

  •  Trieste lets you experience the pleasure of excellent coffee even outside the fair grounds, from world famous fascinating historical cafés to the smallest local hangout.
  •  Trieste lets you discover new ways of preparing coffee, there are over 50 ways to serve coffee in the city.
  •  Trieste’s café culture has been a constant of the city’s habits, with famous writers and intellectuals, sitting side by side with students and workers, all sipping their favourite blend.
  • In Trieste, coffee is ultimately about people, a match made in heaven between those who make coffee and those who drink it.
TriestEspresso Expo
The statistics of visitors in the previous TriestEspresso Expo
TriestEspresso stats
The statics of visitors in the previous editions of TriestEspresso Expo

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