Thursday 18 August 2022

TriestEspresso Campus by Umami Area: the core of #TEE18 side events

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TRIESTE, Italy — A meeting point. A place where you can talk and exchange points of views on new trends. But also where you can get new solid expertise on management or coffee related fields.

Last but not least, a place where you can put theory into practice: thanks to areas dedicated to roasting technique and micro-roastery  and bean to cup technology.

That, in short, is the TriestEspresso Campus, the core of the side events of the ninth edition of TriestEspresso Expo, the biennal trade fair, taking place 25-27 October 2018 and organized by the Chamber of Commerce Venezia Giulia in cooperation with the Associazione Caffè Trieste.

TriestEspresso Campus – Business Innovation for Coffee”, at  the Hydrostatic Station inside the trade fair venue, is offering non-stop education and information events, organized by Umami Area and directed by Andrej Godina, coffee expert.

The Campus is structured into three macro-areas, starting from the “Green2Roast” area. Us Italians, but we are not alone! Focusing too much on extraction and too little on roasting? Well that’s your chance to catch up! Around a small roaster, talks, practical demonstrations and individual tests will take place. A full immersion into the roasting universe and its countless variables and connotations.

The extraction – technology innovation duo is in the spotlight of the Bean2Cup area. Here you will be able to get a closer look and further acquaintance with this specific coffee machine technology and learn about its pros, both direct and  in terms of coffee culture promotion. Not just looking but also touching, testing and tasting!

Last but not least, the Meet2Learn area, where short speeches, maximum 45 minutes, are taking place, featuring well-known speakers. You will have the chance to get involved in educational events with a management cut (i.e. special focus on the Company Social Responsibility or on the micro-roastery business canvas) or in presentations, projects or you will have the chance to meet a coffee grower.

Andrej Godina, Umami Area president: ” TriestEspresso Campus was conceived as a “innovative box” where the trade fair vistors can find educational contents and meeting opportunities.

The three thematic areas will be offering daily non-stop speeches of well-know speakers and practical sessions on roasting and quality coffee cupping.

The entire coffee chain will be on show, with a specific focus on the coffee plantation: a coffe grower, invited to the fair, will be the key player of the “Meet the Farmer” events, narrating the difficulties of cultivating coffee, but also the passion and dedication spent to produce the best coffee”.

…soon in-detailed info and the program.

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