Thursday 01 December 2022

Towards Triestespresso Expo. LF spare parts speak Russian

The Group strengthens its presence in the Eurasia area

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CESENA (Italy) – LF (Triestespresso Expo stand 12 hall 30), world leader in spare parts for professional kitchens (commercial refrigeration, washing machines, laundry, coffee and vending), has been present in the Russian market for 10 years.

In 2006 OOO LF was founded, a commercial company 100% of foreign capital completely controlled by the Group. This action, which over the course has proved to be pertinent and forward-thinking, was the first step LF undertook on a path of development within Russia.

It was this determination that allowed the company to obtain the EAC certification for almost all of its products.

As you are already aware, the brand is a declaration of conformity of the Eurasian Customs Union which refers to different certification types (of use, of safety,….etc.).

It’s obligatory for those that want to import certain products within the Russian Federation and in the other Countries of the Customs Union.

For LF’s Customers, the great advantage is to be able to buy products in line with the Country’s legislation and – in particular – with the established requirements to interact and participate in supply tenders with the Public Administration.

Furthermore, in order to speed up the service and simplify the purchasing process, the LF Group has activated a logistic service that allows the Customers of the Russian Federation, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan to pay in Roubles and ask for door-to door delivery.

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