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Towards a Diverse and Sustainable Coffee Culture

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A Panel Discussion under the theme: “Towards a Diverse and Sustainable Coffee Culture” was held on March 07, 2016 following the official opening session of the 4th World Coffee Conference.

Mr. Fred Kawuma, Secretary General, Inter Africa Coffee organization stressed on the need for public-private partnership to make sure that the coffee industry remains more sustainable, adding that encouraging domestic consumption was needed to create a more diverse coffee culture.

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Mr. Roberto Velez, CEO, National Federation of Coffee Growers explained the important role coffee plays in Columbian society and the role of coffee growers in the peace building process, adding that more than 20 million Colombians in 15 states depend on the coffee industry.

On globalizing the coffee culture, Ms. Jingya Fu, Secretary General, Chinese coffee Association, talked about making coffee more affordable in consumer countries which will lead to a more diverse coffee culture.


Noting that the Chinese tea ceremony helped to promote the image of China, she pointed out the need to promote a coffee ceremony across different cultures.

Mr Carlos Brando, Independent Coffee Expert from Brazil, advised more development work will bring sustainability, adding that small holder farmers and growers should be concerned about sustainability than profitability and branding.

Mr. Abdullah Bagersh,Board Chairman, African Fine Coffee Association(AFCA),  noted the diverse coffee culture in Ethiopia and the growing Coffee Consumption which he said  was creating a new urban Coffee Culture.


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