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Torani new trendsetting flavors mix well with a variety of beverages

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SAN LEANDRO, Calif., US – Torani, a leader in the flavor industry for nearly 100 years, is proud to introduce three new flavors to its lineup: Puremade Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce, Puremade Mangonada Syrup, and Puremade Black Sugar Syrup. These on-trend products deliver amazing flavor with clean ingredients and no GMOs. Known for putting the Italian soda on the map in the U.S. and then creating the world’s first flavored latte, Torani constantly looks to global trends and consumer insight to expand its flavor portfolio for the cafe and beverage community.

Year-round, Torani’s dedicated team of flavor trackers and food scientists carefully studies trends from around the world. During the pandemic, Torani observed the skyrocketing trend of virtual culinary tourism; while spending more time than ever at home, flavor seekers who have been yearning for new experiences and tastes have turned to globally inspired beverages.

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Recognizing that consumers are becoming more adventurous with their flavor choices and opting for bolder flavors that evoke wanderlust and inspire travel, Torani was determined to introduce new flavors that satisfy consumers’ evolving palates. Puremade Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce, Puremade Mangonada Syrup, and Puremade Black Sugar Syrup are inspired by unique flavors from around the world and were developed for various applications, including milk teas, flavored energy drinks, cold brew, and nitro coffees, so anyone anywhere can enjoy a favorite beverage.

Torani Puremade Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce

Inspired by the classic flavor combination commonly found in Italy, Torani Puremade Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce is the first nut allergen-free sauce on the market. It offers a rich, chocolatey, and nutty finish to your favorite drinks and treats without artificial ingredients, flavors, or preservatives. It also has the extra benefit of being nut allergen-free due to a complex process to remove the natural nut allergen for everyone to enjoy.

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Creating a nut allergen-free hazelnut flavor was no easy feat. Originally formulated with real hazelnut paste, Torani decided to completely alter the Puremade Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce recipe two years into development. During the global pandemic, the Torani food scientists not only recreated the sauce entirely from scratch but did so successfully from their home kitchens.

Torani’s leading Principal Scientist and Sauce Innovation Master, Domenico Milano, said:

“The first several iterations of Puremade Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce were developed in my home kitchen. I followed Torani’s Gold Standard Process and experimented with various cocoas to find the perfect fit. After some trial and error, I moved away from regular cocoas to create something extra special and developed a unique cocoa system based on nuttiness, hazelnut quality, and milk chocolate profile. The final product marries well with coffee or over ice cream and fresh fruits.”

New Puremade Syrups

Inspired by the Mexican summertime treat, Torani Puremade Mangonada Syrup is a delicious and unique mix of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. This flavor combines the sweet, juicy taste of ripe mango with the warm spice of two beloved Mexican condiments, chamoy, and Tajín®, to create the ultimate refreshment experience with a savory kick. Made without artificial ingredients, flavors, or preservatives, Puremade Mangonada Syrup is designed to complement iced teas, lemonades, handcrafted sodas, and flavored energy drinks.

“Witnessing a rising demand for mango-flavored beverages in the U.S. over the past five years and then seeing twists on the flavor in other parts of the world, we began experimenting with Mangonada ingredients two years ago. Puremade Mangonada Syrup captures the rising trend of culinary tourism–where consumers discover new foods and beverages from around the globe–by creating a tropical-getaway experience,” said Andrea Ramirez, Consumer & Customer Market Insight Manager at Torani.

Inspired by the Okinawan confection known as kokuto, Puremade Black Sugar is another new offering from Torani. Delivering the earthy taste of raw sugar cane, this dark-hued syrup offers a delicious, caramelized flavor with hints of molasses and zero artificial ingredients, flavors, colors, or preservatives. While Black Sugar is most popular as a sweetener for bubble tea, it has a wide variety of uses, including cold brew, lattes, ice teas, and milkshakes.

Torani developed this flavor understanding that Asian-inspired beverages have become a part of the cultural mosaic in the U.S. With boba drinks seeing a 298% growth over the past four years,* Torani wanted to offer consumers a clean label black sugar syrup that could be used in a variety of beverages beyond boba.

Torani first launched Puremade Syrups and Sauces in April of 2019 with 16 delicious flavors. To date, the Puremade line has evolved to offer 46 flavors: seven Puremade Sauces, 32 Puremade Syrups, and seven Puremade Zero Sugar Syrups with zero sugar and zero artificial sweeteners. Torani Puremade Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce is available in-store at Cost Plus World Market and online at Puremade Mangonada and Black Sugar Syrups are available online at

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