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Top trends to watch out in the coffee market, according to Infiniti

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LONDON, UK – Infiniti Research, a global market intelligence solutions provider, has launched their latest analysis on the top trends in the coffee industry that will help the players in the market to keep their customer base hooked.

Coffee holds enormous power over the current generation; and as long-lasting as its popularity may be, the coffee industry is in the middle of rapid changes.

Over the past few years, coffee producers and retailers have taken advantage of the people’s liking towards the beverage and have introduced new products in the market.

Quantzig has listed some of the top trends in the coffee industry that will help the coffee retailers and producers to keep their customers engaged.

According to the coffee industry experts at Infiniti, “Coffee plays an important role in the daily routine of the modern generation, especially the working-class population.”

Infiniti Research is a global market intelligence company offering strategic intelligence solutions to help in seeing beyond market disruptions, studying competitive activity, and developing intelligent business strategies. Listed below are some of the top trends in the coffee industry.

  • Coffee’s transformation from a beverage to an experience: Millennials consider coffee to be more than an ordinary kitchen table beverage, which can be enjoyed at public venues.
  • Coffee is no more a ‘hot’ beverage: Cold coffee brew is much sweeter, and it can integrate a variety of recipes compared to the regular coffee.
  • Nitro boost your drowsy mornings: An incorporation of nitrogen and cold brew coffee that could generate a blast of tempting flavors on your taste buds.
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