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The International Coffee Day

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On the 1st of october is the International Coffee Day a celebration of the coffee sector’s diversity, quality and passion.

It is an opportunity for coffee lovers to share their love of the beverage and support the millions of farmers whose livelihoods depend on the aromatic crop.

Many countries around the world celebrate their own national coffee days at various dates throughout the year.

In March 2014, the Member States of the ICO agreed to organise International Coffee Day on 1 October to create a single day of celebration for coffee lovers around the world.

The first official date was 1 October 2015 and was launched in Milan, in the framework of the Universal Exposition. Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

Events and celebrations are organised this year in all 77 Member States of the ICO and by dozens of coffee associations from around the world.

How will you celebrate the first International Coffee Day?

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