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Wellness Tea is an organic, certified herbal tea blend with multiple health benefits

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LINCOLN, NE, U.S. – Today, Marlyse Tchamko, Co-founder of The Wellness Tea, LLC announced the launch of The Wellness Tea, a 100% organic certified tea. The Wellness Tea is curated using natural, organic, and certified ingredients to give maximum benefits to tea drinkers. It has no artificial colors, no additives and is caffeine-free. The Wellness Tea is one of a kind, offering the benefits of nine different teas merged into a single beverage. In addition, as a special launch offer, The Wellness Tea is taking 10% off orders for all its customers on its website.

According to Tchamko, “Tea is a beautiful art form in itself, but with an added wellness benefit, it becomes magic. That is what we created at The Wellness Tea – magic. The Wellness Tea was born out of a need for something more wholesome and powerful than other traditional wellness teas already on the market.” She further added, “After countless hours of research and consultation with a Master Blender, the perfect formula was discovered: organic, herbal, all-in-one wellness blend with all the health benefits of nine different teas.” The Wellness Tea can be consumed regardless of the time and season.

This is a great opportunity for all ardent tea lovers. It beats the morning blues and gives optimum satisfaction to the taste buds. For all those who are intolerant to caffeine, The Wellness Tea is an excellent alternative to coffee, a zesty beverage that boosts overall health and wellness. The Wellness Tea has multiple benefits for the human body too. It strengthens the immune system and has an anti-inflammatory property. The tea is the best source to ease digestion issues and control blood sugar levels. Other health benefits include improving the skin, cleansing the heart, and boosting energy levels in an individual.

The Wellness Tea is composed of highly organic ingredients, including organic ashwagandha root, organic astragalus, organic chamomile, organic cinnamon, organic dandelion root, organic elderberries, organic ginger, organic lemon balm, organic milk thistle seed and organic turmeric. These elements combine to make a perfect cup of hot or cold finely brewed tea. Each ingredient has its own property, the organic chamomile when combined with honey has anti-anxiety effects and is known for its relaxing outcomes.

The Wellness Tea bags are individually wrapped using a superior pyramid design, as opposed to common flat tea bags. This allows ample space for the ingredients to fully diffuse throughout the liquid providing optimal flavor and health advantages. The innovative design ensures that every cup of tea is the best it can be. The aroma of a light zesty tea brings people together, it makes them pause and reflect, it refreshes, soothes, and comforts. A healthy cup of tea burns calories and strengthens the function of memory cells in the brain.

For more information, visit The Wellness Tea website.


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