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The Smoking Tiger’s Specialty Nitro-Coffee to be officially presented at Sigep 2023

The new product will be made available in reusable 8-litre steel kegs

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CASTELFIDARDO, Ancora (Italy) – The Smoking Tiger (web: TST.COFFEE), a roasting company based in the Marches (Italy) that since 2020 has made the choice to roast exclusively Specialty Coffee, will officially present its Specialty Nitro-Coffee in Rimini in its space at the Sigep Roasters Village Sca from 21 to 25 January 2023 (Hall 1 – Roasters Village – Booth no. 2).

The Smoking Tiger with the new Specialty Nitro-Coffee in Rimini

These are Specialty Coffees roasted and cold extracted in cold brew (with cold water) and packaged in pressurized kegs according to the proven style of the best craft beers.

La Cimbali

The Italian company will propose to sector operators to expand their coffee offer by inserting a Nitro tap and cooler capable of serving specialty coffees cooled and continuously mixed with nitrogen, obtaining an extremely sweet and aromatic zero-calorie drink, with no added sugars and fats with a creamy and thick consistency well known as the Guinness style of foam.

“Cold extraction and the nitro version of the specialty coffee service is establishing itself everywhere in the world, says Antonio Tombolini, founder of The Smoking Tiger, in full coherence with the aims of the specialty movement, aimed at enhancing the different ways of extracting the coffee and to broaden its consumption opportunities”.


The Specialty Nitro-Coffee by The Smoking Tiger will be made available in reusable 8-litre steel kegs, through a dedicated distribution and collection circuit, thus allowing merchants to add a product of high added value for them and great satisfaction for their customers: great pleasure with zero calories.


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