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The Indonesia Pavilion among the Top 10 Places to Drink Coffee at Expo 2020

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DUBAI, UAE – Bandung Resto and Java Café located at the Indonesia Pavilion is one of the best coffee places at Expo 2020 Dubai. The list was issued by Time Out, which is a partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, in providing ratings and reviews for all restaurants and cafes in the pavilions of participating countries.

“Once again, Indonesia is proud of being recognized by the international community. This time, the Indonesian restaurants become the visitors’ favorites to Expo 2020 Dubai,” said Director General of National Export Development and Commissioner General of the Indonesia Pavilion Didi Sumedi.

The presence of an Indonesian restaurant in the Pavilion, continued Didi, is the best means of introducing culinary qualities and tastes, especially the variety of Indonesian coffee available. “In turn, this has the potential to open up opportunities for the demand of authentic Indonesian food and coffee and is expected to boost exports,” added Didi.

In addition to Time Out, the Indonesia Pavilion restaurant and cafe are also included as the ten best places to drink coffee based on the rating given by restaurant visitors. Within five months of the event, visitors can find Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee globally, at an affordable price. According to Java Café, the most popular Indonesian coffees among visitors are Luwak coffee, Toraja coffee, and Acehnese Gayo coffee. This is evidenced by the sale of hundreds of cups of coffee every day and many pavilion staff from other countries who are regular coffee customers.

“The taste of Luwak coffee served is very soft, and the aroma is very tempting. Almost every day, I invite friends to enjoy coffee from Java Café,” said Expo 2020 Dubai staff, Adriane.

Restaurants and cafes are one of the attractions for local people to visit the Indonesia Pavilion, with an average of tens of thousands of visitors in the last few weeks. The number of visitors to the Indonesia Pavilion is expected to increase over the next few days, especially towards the end of the Expo 2020 Dubai event.

Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency processed by the Ministry of Trade, in the January 2022 period, Indonesia’s coffee exports were recorded at USD 99.16 million, or an increase of 44.02 percent compared to the same period the previous year, which was recorded at USD 68.85 million.

Meanwhile, in 2021, Indonesia’s coffee exports will reach USD 851.72 million, up 3.62 percent from the previous year, which was recorded at USD 821.93 million.
01:58 25/03/2022

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